Stoves from Špaček / Tiles and Stove-Making in Prague during the Renaissance Provided by Goout

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House at the Golden Ring Týnská 630/6 , Praha 1

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60–350 CZK, Tickets available at venue

Visitors to the exhibition will become familiar with stove tile production and stove-making in Prague during the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Times. A unique archaeological find of a pottery workshop in Truhlářská (previously Hrnčířská) Street in Prague’s New Town will also appear at the exhibition; it was discovered during extensive research of the former George of Poděbrady Barracks on Republic Square (2003–2006).

The workshop’s owner, Adam Špaček – a burgher of Prague and master potter and stove-maker – will also be presented. The exhibition will consist of original archaeological finds from the realm of pottery and stove-making as well as daily life and historical pictures, reconstructed production facilities, 3D models, visualisations, and films documenting important stages of the production process.