Skiz(e)m Provided by Goout

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PLATO Ostrava Janáčkova 22, Ostrava – Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz

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This exhibition brings together international artists. Through the medium of photography, their works reveal contexts that lie beneath the surface of aesthetic experience, developing new meanings that change the principles and position of the discipline in contemporary art. This photography exhibition inaugurates Plato Gallery 2020 theme Intensities.

For most of us, interacting with existing images and their approximate classification within contemporary visual culture is a natural process.

The Skɪz(ə)m exhibition is organised to let images activate and subvert those culturally consolidated meanings of art. We purposely work with photography “only”. As a discipline, photography was deemed “contemporary art” as late as the 1980s. While in the last decade many artists have tried to surpass or complicate the practices of photography, we multiply the medium’s possibilities to perceive its added values and overlaps.

The exhibition creates an enthralling visual environment: one that is dependent on our willingness to struggle with new contexts. Double-edged allegories reveal layers of pleasure and discomfort lurking under the surface of aesthetic experience. We aren’t quite sure whether our surprise is caused by the works’ resistance to easy classification or by our limited imaginations. Or is the response a product of our own minds and its natural need to absorb the principles of cultural history presented to us?

Artists: Ilit Azoulay (IL), Andrey Bogush (RUS/FIN), Roger Ballen (USA) & Asger Carlsen (DNK), Mazaccio & Drowilal (FRA), Lukáš Jasanský & Martin Polák (CZ), Joanna Piotrowska (POL)