Sculpture Line 2018 Provided by Goout

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Czechia – various venues Česká republika

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The sculpture open-air festival with international participation decorated streets in Prague and Plzeň, but you can pre-scroll the sculpture line in Olomouc, Ostrava, Pardubice and others. The next edition of the International Sculpture Festival Sculpture Line presents works and objects that you can see during work trips or on evening walks. Art comes after you. Nearly 50 sculptures and objects from renowned domestic and foreign authors (including Stefan Milkov, Michal Gabriel, Václav Fiala and others), which you can find again on busy and less common places in Czech cities.

Kurt Gebauer’s giant head at Novoměstská radnice, the majestic Throne of Antonín Kašpar at Vyšehrad, provocative skeletons Like by Kryštof Hošek on Jungmann Square, Bronze players Michal Gabriela near Bastion, iron Keř Jakub Flejšar in the Franciscan garden, and the glamorous Nenažranec Andrej Margoce at the Dancing House describes the sculpture festival Sculpture Line in summer.

For the fourth time, it will occupy Prague’s public spaces and will initially complement and revive the busy places in the center and the spaces outside the main arteries of the city. Sculptures will not be seen only in Prague, for the sculpture line Sculpture Line will lead this year to Pardubice, Pilsen, Broumov, Liberec, Jablonec, Ostrava, Trutnov, Zlin, Brno, and Vratislavice.

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