Rafani Provided by Goout

25.09.2020 - 30.01.2022

Pražák Palace Husova 18, Brno

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For the whole year the Atrium of the Pražák Palace will be devoted to the Rafani group.

Rafani have been on the art scene for twenty years, acting as a single unit regardless of who their members were at the time. In the Moravian Gallery they will introduce themselves with an exhibition whose format could be compared to a series from the contemporary film world, or even better to a Netflix miniseries where the individual editions have different stories but the same actors and directors. It is a project that will re-invent itself six times over from the ground up. In the Atrium Rafani will present the fruit of quite intensive work whereby they have been gearing up to work with a number of different media from installation, via posters, performances and videos, through to interventions in the public space. The individual exhibitions in the series will share the subjects that Rafani have addressed in their work and each of them will additionally refer to one of the finished projects staged by the group in the past. In the Pražák Palace they will be approached in a novel way, updated and placed in a new context. The year of the Rafan will kick off with The Source, an exhibition working with the motif of a round lake that the group used 11 years ago in the Václav Špála Gallery. Selecting this theme as the start of the project is not random: for members of the group water represents a metaphor; a mysterious source which goes back to the past.