Workshop PQ 2019: Urban Scenographies – Sm'arting the City Provided by Goout

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DAMU Karlova 26, Praha

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1300 CZK

This workshop explores how sm’art (as in small art) encounters – temporary socio/spatio-political transformations – can rethink the notion of the smart city? Utilizing urban scenography – how cities perform and how we perform within them – as a means of recognizing and critically engaging with the spatial politics of ‘smart cities’ — deeply entangled with ideas of the ‘right to the city’— it asks: what is a smart city and who is it for? Sm’arting the City is a three-day exploratory master workshop that invites participants to survey ‘smart’ in all its machinations. It proposes short sharp spatial interventions as investigative strategies for asserting the city as a dispersed platform of multiple overlapping sites that encourage, facilitate, control and/or limit public performances.

Workshop Leaders: Dorita Hannah, Shauna Janssen
Target Audience: Student and Emerging Desingers, Established Designers (Professional Development), Design Educators (Pedagogical Development)
The workshop takes place from 10 AM to 6 PM.