Workshop PQ 2019: Spatial Experience Provided by Goout

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DAMU Karlova 26, Praha

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500 CZK

“…we shall no longer attempt to give the illusion of a forest but instead the illusion of a man in the atmosphere of a forest…” Adolphe Appia, (Beacham, 1994).

This exploratory workshop will focus on the notion of spatial experience, focusing on the embodied experience of the sensory and atmospheric qualities of spaces. How can we capture and document these spatial qualities? How do we recreate the atmosphere of one space in another spatial context? How might we represent sensory and atmospheric conditions through visual, material and spatial means? How might we understand the new, hybrid spatial experiences we create by attempting to translate the atmosphere of one space into another? This one-day workshop will look at ways of documenting spatial experience and translating it into other mediums and contexts.

Workshop Leader: Lucy Thornett
Target Audience: Students & Emerging Designers