The Old Sewage Treatment Plant Provided by Goout

Today, Permanent

Stará čistírna odpadních vod v Bubenči Papírenská 6, Praha 6

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30–620 CZK, Tickets available at venue

The visitors can admire historic premises of the museum incl. remains of original technologies for waste water treatment and connected operations (such as sludge management) or for drive of machines (steam-engine room and boiler-room). To make our tours even more interesting, there are also available some copies of original plans of the building, historical pictures from the start-up phase of the waste water treatment plant construction or a documentary film from 1943. For those who are interested in history of technical buildings and in Prague sewer system, the organizers also prepared a documentary film Muži pod Prahou (Men below Prague).

Practical information: Tours through the historic area of the The Old Sewage Treatment Plant are only possible with a guide. Information about current tours here.