Of Boys and Men Provided by Goout

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Cinema Pilot Donská 19, Praha 10

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Dušan the model / Ondřej Nuslauer / 14 min. – “This film is about me wanting to become someone, you know, like, a star or something.” A portrait depicting the journey of a young Roma man Dušan, who is following his big dream.

Passionate for ice cream / Juliana Moska / 5 min. – A queue in the hall, everyone has their number, roll camera. “Why do we want to be part of a commercial?” Simple question. Simple answer.

Why Do I Feel Like a Boy? / Kateřina Turečková / 27 min. – Ben is a sixteen year old trans man who refuses to hide his identity despite pressures from society. He hides away online with his true feelings. He only time he feels happy is when he imagines his possible future with the help of keying technology. The film portrays the (mis)understanding and (un)acceptance he faces at school, at home and in society. The truth of Ben’s identity impacts the entire family. An intimate portrait of a simple family in a complicated situation, set in a small village in the south of Vysočina.

Blow-off! / Kateřina Dudová / 25 min. – The film depicts an unportrayable portrait of a microstructural existence of the poet and the king of the modern era, living against convention and the system, moving across all shades the spectrum in every sense of the word.

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