Festival Kolnoa: New Wawe – Block 3 Provided by Goout

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Cinema Pilot Donská 19, Praha 10

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New Wawe – Block 3:
Short film series from Sam Spiegel Film School.

- Sliding Flora / Talia Lavie / Israel / 2003 / 12 min. – Flora was born in the field, that’s what she keeps telling everyone. She is a waitress in a coffee shop that requires complex acrobatic skills. Flora cannot take it anymore. But she still hasn’t lost her dramatic talent.

- Anthem / Elad Keidan / Israel / 2008 / 36 min. – Sometimes even the most ordinary days take a surprising turn, as one middle-aged suburban bachelor discovers when he sets out to buy milk in a Jerusalem neighborhood on the eve of the holy Sabbath.

- Minus Plus / Shahar Kohen / Israel / 2001 / 20 min. – Shaul, an ex-guitarist and an inventor, is torn between his love for Yael and his war with Electric Company which disconnects their power supply..