Neviditelná výstava Provided by Goout

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New Town Hall Karlovo náměstí 23, Praha 2

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What is the Unseen Exhibition? The Unseen Exhibition is a unique interactive journey around a world where all light has disappeared, and where visitors must try to find their way out using their remaining senses.

Those interested in the Unseen Exhibition will be able to experience life without sight, the sense through which the brain gets the most information. The whole exhibition will be accompanied by communities of the blind or partially blind.

Interesting? Strange? Foreign? Or natural? Can an hour of blindness open your eyes? The exhibition is solely guided by touch, hearing, sense of smell, and sense of balance. With a temporary loss of vision and difficulty in orientation, you will find that the world can still be beautiful without key senses. The Unseen Exhibition aims to show both the real world of blind people and opportunities by which to help and understand them.

A blind guide will accompany the invisible path. Visitors will leave in groups after about 15 minutes. Visitors walk in specially equipped and totally darkened rooms. They will learn how to move around in the city and in the forest, how to wash or turn on the microwave, how to pay for coffee, how to taste lunch properly and choose the right spice.

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