Hunting Provided by Goout

Today, Permanent

National Museum of Agriculture Kostelní 44, Praha 7 – Letná

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0–150 CZK, Tickets available at venue

The exhibition creates a picture of hunting as lifestyles, attitudes, missions, professions, and hobbies of many people, a tradition with a tradition where human roles have always been crucial. It represents a profession in which ethics are important, human morality, but it is also an economically beneficial field, capable of producing quality food.

The exhibition shows the history of hunting, duties, and privileges of hunting, hunting season and other industry information. We tell the story of hunting in a classical form (you can find showcases with carefully selected collection items) and virtual effects that allow you to interfere with “stories” and the mechanical elements allow you to control them. The mysterious world of every sense combines the impression of reality and fairy tales. In the forest layers, you can meet wildlife and watch her tracks. In the next section, you can try your own reactions and abilities in the role of a hunter and let yourself get carried away by the reaction of nature, game, and people to changing natural conditions.