Mushrooms Models by Josef Rulíšek Provided by Goout

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Bishop's courtyard Muzejní 1, Brno

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At the botanical department MZM about 400 models of fungi and about 100 models of fruit, which in the 20th and 30 years of the last century made woodcarver Josef Rulíšek are stored.

Josef Rulíšek was trained carver in Vienna, he worked in Králíky at north Moravia and in Brno. He had a workcraft focused on producing models by nature (the company “Josef Rulíšek – carver by nature”). In cooperation with František Skyva, they became a custodians of the botanical collections of the Moravian Museum in Brno. In the 20th and 30th he had carved for the botanical department a large collection of wooden models mushrooms and fruit. All models are carved from lime tree wood and their craftsmanship and fidelity of the templates are unique work. Collection Mushrooms Models includes representatives from various types of ecological habitats and different systematic groups. Practically, it is still used in educational and consulting activities of mushroom counseling Moravian Museum, about half of them is permanently exposed. Models of fruits are displayed only occasionally.