Mimo zápis Provided by Goout

28.03.2021 - 27.03.2024

Studio Hrdinů Dukelských hrdinů 47, Praha 7

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0–300 CZK


This play deals with the complex theme of creation: creation of artwork, identity, authorship, and the act of creation itself. Paul Klee deals with philosophical questions and writes dadaistic nonsense poetry as he contemplates the absurdity and paradox of human existence.

The goal of this dramatic act is to create a microcosm out of two heroes imprisoned in their roles, tasks, missions and professions. Their daily task is the reconstruction of reality. They do not know how well they are doing. But, when they give up their efforts to free themselves from the slavery of daily enrollments, they feel euphoria and dizziness. Part of their experiment is to end the experiment.