Miloš Spurný: The Disappearing Landscapes Provided by Goout

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Josef Sudek Gallery Úvoz 24, Praha 1

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10–40 CZK, Tickets available at venue

The botanist and botanical physiologist Miloš Spurný (1922 Brno – 1979 Brno) graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Brno in 1949. He spent his life working in specialized science institutions. He photographed parts of landscapes from a geomorphological viewpoint, seeking their typological characteristics. Spurný’s photographs made in the fifties and sixties take spectators to areas that had been cultivated by generations of farmers. In those days, tractors with plows had not yet driven into the fields to unify them into endless tracts of cooperative-managed land. Already in 1967 Spurný published these disconcerting words: “In a single generation, more is changing today than over the centuries in the past. This hectic dynamism is transforming our country into a single factory for human welfare, power engineering, food and housing.” He devoted special attention to southern Moravia, notably the Pálava region and the Dyje River Basin (the film Farewell, Old Rivers, 1973). At the time, he fully embraced ecological issues. In 1965, his like-thinking friends joined him to found the artists’ group REKRAFO (accronym for Regional Landscape Photography).