Labyrinth of Information and Paradise of the Print Provided by Goout

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Museum Complex of the National Museum Václavské nám. 68, Praha 1

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0–200 CZK, Tickets available at venue

Exhibition to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the first newspaper published in Czech.

By organising this exhibition on newspapers and magazines, the museum want to show how periodicals have evolved and changed over the centuries. And that the trustworthiness of their content always depended on those who wrote and published them. Over the years, having grappled with all the experience of censorship, political manipulation and the commercial competition for readers, journalism has been honed into a professional activity abiding by professional rules of ethics. Besides Czech and foreign newspapers and magazines covering the period from the 18th century to 1989, the exhibition also has unique items on display that once belonged to Václav Matěj Kramerius, Karel Havlíček, Jaromír John and Arne Laurin. Visitors can touch a printing-matrix used to print from a rotary printing press, watch a 1939 film on contemporary journalism, and discover clearly ordered facts and figures about publishing today.