Kvint et Sense Provided by Goout

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Studio Alta U Výstaviště 21, Praha 7

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120–270 CZK

Three Dancers of the year, two globetrotters and five elements according to Chinese medicine.

In Kvint et Sense, guided by the notion that all that is around us is a vibrating matter, we become the vessels to manifest all the vibrations that we are and that surround us. We encourage the diversity between us, creating a space, where hierarchy can dissolve. None of us is more important than the other, though our differences are fully embraced. The music, together with the memory and possibilities inscribed in the space, together with you experiencing – all these vibrations enter our bodies and shape us, move us. We shift from one manifestation to another. Becoming the emotions and images that humanity caries since centuries. Becoming the individual stories and feelings that each person carries with them. Becoming the particles that are moving, expanding, collapsing in the space.

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22nd February, 18:00