Kino KD Svět Live: Loro Provided by Goout

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KD Svět Krále Jiřího 332, Český Brod

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The movie “Loro” will be screened in the form of an online stream “My Cinema Live”.

How it works: Viewers choose how much they can spend on a movie ticket and everything will be as if they were buying a movie ticket. After the purchase, the cinema expect donators to receive an email with a stream link exactly 30 minutes before the start of a specific broadcast.

In online cinema, the following schedule applies: Viewers can soak up the cinema atmosphere as early as 30 minutes before the start of the performance. The movie starts at exact time. Viewers can chat through the projection during the projection nad after the film, they can discuss the impressions and film experiences. If viewers do not want to use chat, they can even turn it off.

With the projections organizers will try to evoke the atmosphere of the cinema hall with everything that comes with it. There will be introductions, audience reactions and company of friends. At the same time viewers can support their favorite cinema in a difficult time.

Loro / Paolo Sorrentino / Italy, France 2018 / 150 min – A film about the life of Silvio Berlusconi.