Jan Kovářík: Colorbond Provided by Goout

Today, 12:00

Troja Château U Trojského zámku 1, Praha 7

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60–120 CZK

As part of our presentations of sculpture at Troja Château, this time GHMP have reached out to a younger sculptor of the middle generation who makes colorful sculptures with biological pedigrees. Kovářík himself speaks of them as “mycelium”, a growing cell mass. He uses all kinds of modern acrylates and their derivatives so that his objects expand into space as smoothly as possible. However, he treats their surfaces using a completely classical method – patiently dotting his large works with a brush to create the illusion of a vibrating surface as much as possible. As we do every year, one of the challenges will be the creation of a site-specific work for the fountain in the front of the château.