Harmony & nite vibes open air Provided by Goout

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Retenční nádrž Braník Vltavanů, Praha

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The Event return to Braník’s retention tank after a year to commemorate the tradition, but also to refine it some ways. This summer’s gathering will be split into two parts.

On Friday July 31st, participants will assemble on the bottom of the concrete tank for several live performances and a collective dinner. The following day participants will enter the tank for the traditional part of the annual collaboration. Harmony Rec. residents will be meeting the old nite vibes gang in the booth, as usual, to weave their paths together once again. They will be joined by Psj, Møreti and Sanjin, DJs who have already appeared in previous editions and probably don’t need any introduction to a local audience. The special guest of this summer gathering is Sandrien, resident of De School and Is Burning, who amazed organizers of the event with her performance at last year’s Labyrinth festival.

Information of organizers: Any kind of discrimination, violence or sexual harassment will not be tolerated. We encourage people of all identities, genders, sexual orientations or ethnicities to come and dance together in peace. If you witness any offensive behaviour, please do not hesitate to contact any member of our staff.