Film & Breakfast: Daisies Provided by Goout

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Přítomnost Boutique Cinema Siwiecova 1839/1, Praha 3

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Daisies / Věra Chytilová / Czechoslovakia 1966 / 73 min. / English subtitles – A provocative, moralistic farce with an unusual and sophisticated narrative form. At the time of its original release the film was even the subject of questions in parliament. Two young girls – Marie I and Marie II – believe that “the world around them is spoiled” and therefore decide to be spoiled as well. Their key motto is: “Nothing matters, but good fun”.

They search for fun at home, at the swimming pool and in bars at night. Marie I meets an elderly gentleman and has dinner with him pretending to be modest and chaste. Then Marie II appears, sits down with the couple and shamelessly orders various kinds of delicacies. The girls finally take the surprised man to the railway station, put him in a train and emotionally wave him goodbye. They repeat this game several times, even with a young man who claims to be desperately in love with one of them. But all this is still not enough; the girls want to be even more spoiled…