Festival Evolution 2019

22nd March

Industrial Palace Výstaviště Praha Holešovice, Praha 7

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Festival Evolution is not a typical fair, it is three days packed with high quality program, in which the hottest international personalities make an appearance. The festival grew up on the ground of five fairs which interconnection makes happy all who care about their health, want to know something about them and about the development of their personalities, want to imbibe new knowledge about healthy nutrition and organic agriculture, or simply look into spheres out of a day-to-day reality. Both sections, the presentation and the program, are inseparable and they support each other – what program mentions, you can directly try, feel, taste or smell. Every year, we try to offer our visitors something new, to give the ground for innovative views on traditional approaches, and discuss topical issues and questions in order to allow visitors to gain practical tips, ideas, an inspiration and particular instructions. Festival Evolution connects five independent sections: Biostyle, health, Ecoworld, alternative and personal development.