Estas Tonne – Integration Tour 2019

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Hybernia Theatre Náměstí Republiky 3/4, Praha 1

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750–1350 CZK

Estas Tonne – a charismatic musician whose pronounced power of expression turns out the laws of show business. A man for whom music is not an aim, but a liberating means, releasing endless human potential to know oneself and the surrounding world.

During his travels to countless places and new lands, he discovered himself within various cultural references, not identifying himself with a particular nation or state, but rather with the cultural diversity of the world. His music is therefore a reflection of many different approaches and styles. It is a combination of classical musical form, flamenco technique, gypsy roots, with a background sound comprised of Latin and electronic music – a variety of styles, almost invisibly intertwined from one to another. Together, they create a surprisingly harmonic sound performance that is always unique at each performance.

Oct 18:00 in Hybernia ALMA-market foyer – mini market with original products, vegetarian refreshment, theater café.

Organizer: ALMADELAevents – Meetings that Touch

Concert partner: Center for the Harmonization of Water

Discounted – early bird tickets from 600 to 1150 CZK only until 30 November 2018.