Cutlass Spring Provided by Goout

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Celetna Theatre Celetná 17, Praha 1

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150–250 CZK

Chameleon artist Dana Michel is hunting for a pulse and to widen the door to her sexual self. A piercing and unexpected look at the liberation of a body.

Do we ever stop needing sexual education? How can we learn to listen to our own instincts amidst the noise of how society tells us we should behave and the expectations of those in our proximity? Chameleon artist Dana Michel probes her personal history and scans the landscape around her on the hunt for a pulse. In order to access her full human potential, she must widen the door to her sexual self. With raw energy and movement inching toward freedom and engaging the infinite potential of everyday objects, Cutlass Spring confirms the astonishing originality and innate humour of this artist, a 2017 Venice Biennial Silver Lion recipient. An unexpected, piercing look at the liberation of a body.

Canadian artist Dana Michel breaks through conventions with her daring choreographies. By way of dance and performance, she gives shape to different bodies and ideas that leave the well-trodden paths of stereotypical physicality and identity. Her work can best be described by its influences: sculpture, cinematography, comedy, psychology and social reflection. In earlier work Michel explored the repression of cultural identity.