Christmas Shoppinq Vol. 2 Provided by Goout

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SmetanaQ Smetanovo nábřeží 4, Praha

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For the second year, the designer community of Bottega in SmetanaQ organizes the traditional Christmas sale, Christmas ShoppinQ. The studios Bottega in SmetanaQ is a platform and a community of young Czech designers based in Prague. Visitors will be able to see, try and buy a selection of the best creative work in fashion, jewelry, accessories and product design from 9 designers of our community and several invited guests.

Hana Frišonsová, whose work is characterized by sharp silhouettes, wearable clothing, but also an experimental approach using traditional techniques, will present her current collection as a result of collaboration with Helena Krásová (KRAS), under the brand name Monolith Project based on digital printing. Daniela Pešková creates clothing that goes beyond the trends and time. At this sale she will present her current collection together with a selection of older pieces in new materials. KAFKA will also show her new collection. Characteristic features are the simplicity, the purity of shapes and lines, the search for new themes and forms of their processing. At the Christmas event, she will introduce a new collection of C.N.AW18, which is linked to the previous Marshmallow. Our invited fashion designers will be: La Femme Mimi, Martin Havel, Tereza Ujevičová, Marketa Kopecka or Dominika Charousova with her exclusive collection of lingerie. You can also see the brand Bro. with hand embroidery inspired by the city and its people.

The creation of Kateřina Reich is inspired by modern architecture and vision of the future, where pure minimalist lines predominate. Katerina has recently introduced a new collection of jewels Kyō, inspired by the life of geisha and the art of the old Japan, which was awarded at this year’s Designblok Award for Best Jewelry Collection. Hana Polívková will present a new collection of Arabis, inspired by old lace and poetics of fauna and flora. Mária Kobelová, a young designer from Slovakia, will present a collection of Usus jewelry inspired by model spatula.

Helena Krásová originally studied the theoretical art disciplines of Aesthetics and Curatorial studies, but then began to produce urban backpacks and founded her own brand KRAS, specialized in backpacks and other accessories. Jana Rollo will show handbags and clutches from metallic leather, and you’ll also find futuristic pendants and earrings in her collection. The modern shoemaker and designer Fernando Echeverria, will presents his shoe collection of leather hand stitched shoes and bags inspired by the cubism and his new collection inspired by the Amazonia. The brand Thee.. will show the collection of high quality woolen caps and scarves.

Tereza Drobná will show her collection of fragrant diffusers TOTEM, inspired by the Vojta Náprstek collection, which she presented at this year’s Designblok. Jana Rollová will present her new interior decorations made of recycled textiles, which are made under the Rolling Hooks brand.