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Cinema Pilot Donská 19, Praha 10

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Abstract Horror / Franz Milec / 15 min. – A philosophical dystopia warns of a near future in which modern technology won’t be a symbol of progress but of decline. A digitally animated monster appears behind the cinematic screen, whose virtual abstract body represents an invisible ideological device.

Apparatus of honour / Jiří Matoušek / 15 min. – A film inspired by a story by Franz Kafka. It depicts the premises of the Penal Colony overseen by a fanaticized officer. He is running out of strength and finds self-fulfillment in punishing the convicts.

The touching / Dominik György / 39 min. – David and Marek hide the secret of their intimate and mutual self-discovery behind the closed door of their childhood bedroom. Growing up, Marek loses his childhood curiosity and realizes that he has crossed the boundary of brotherly love. However, David is still far too young to understand.

Ivy / Emir Ziyalar / 5 min. – In a post-apocalyptic world, where there is no speck of nature, bewildered humans still survive. A young girl wanders and encounters an old man who has something she has been looking for – the last living flower.

Mikrotron / Petr Michal / 5 min. – Out there somewhere is a tunnel, under that tunnel a lab and in that lab the Microtron, a small electron accelerator. “The construction isn’t difficult, building it isn’t expensive and the possibilities of use are many…it’s hard to talk about…” says the narrator as he launches the experiment. “But what is an electron?” A film poem set in a hidden physics lab, about an experiment and the subtle relationships between our world and the world of mysterious powers. A non-experimental film dancing around experiment and the experimental.

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