Vosto5: Brass Band Provided by Goout

25.02.2021 - 25.02.2024

Vzlet Holandská 669/1, Praha 10 – Vršovice

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490 CZK


Pub, theatre, dance hall… all in a distinctive site-specific pub setting, performed among the tables of a dance hall through the ages.

It happened in 1923. It happened in 1945. It happened yesterday. It is always happening. A theatre documentary about history that is more a documentary about us. When old wounds are opened, when looking for the guilty, one must dig up and count the bones. Do you want to know what it would be like to attend a dance party after the Second World War? Have you ever seen the festive opening of a Czech “sokol” hall? And would you grant your enemies a monument? Come experience it.

Brass Band is the story of a small town where time seems to have stood still. One pub, one event and people who would rather forget. Except they can’t. The victims have caught their murderers, but nobody knows them. Or will someone be found?