Božena Sudková / Josef Sudek: Their Childhood Landscape Provided by Goout

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Josef Sudek Gallery Úvoz 24, Praha 1

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20–60 CZK, Tickets available at venue


For the sources of the photographic output of Josef Sudek, we must first search in his family background. Important figures in his life were his mother and sister Božena who, however, was always overshadowed by her brother. Božena Sudková was born in 1897 in Nové Dvory, later she trained with and was employed by the photographer Bohumila Bloudilová in Kolín. Božena herself did not have artistic ambitions; from 1930 she lived and worked with Josef in their Prague studio on Újezd Street and was a support for their family enterprise. After Josef Sudek’s death, she donated his artistic estate to our museum and other institutions. She died in 1990. The photos made by Božena Sudková and her brother will take us to Nové Dvory, the chateau Kačina and the nearby Kutná Hora, where the siblings spent their early years.