An Ideal project for Visegrad Four Provided by Goout

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NoD Dlouhá 33, Praha 1

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200–700 CZK

Has the normalization of the pre-November era really ended? Have we not, as society, exchanged the ideological apparatus for another – an economic one? Has money and generating it become the fundamental directive of our functioning? These days, subsidies and grant offers have a considerable impact on the shape of culture and the arts. We do not want to judge if it is correct or not. However, BECAUSE WE CAN, we decided to prepare a truly ideal project in which the main incentive is to be successful in obtaining the Visegrád Grant. You will spend an evening with us, in which artists, audience, various organisations and academic institutions from the Visegrád Four countries will co-operate in parallel and create one collective ‘Visegrád’ performance.