Aleš Hnízdil, Jiří Kačer: Sculptures and Objects Provided by Goout

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Troja Château U Trojského zámku 1, Praha 7

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60–120 CZK, Tickets available at venue

The exhibition will present works by Czech sculptors of the same generation, Hnízdil and Kačer, who have chosen quite different ways for their realization.

Aleš Hnízdil and Jiří Kačer are artists of the same generation. Both of them were part of a group of young people who in the late 1980s started open criticism of the practices of the Czech Fine Artists’ Union and the Czech Fine Arts Fund, which eventually led to the reopening of the U Řečických Gallery, the first platform which gave space to artists just starting out, without any censorship and did not interfere with their production. It eventually became a unique laboratory of topical views of the time and their encounters, and cultivated the artistic orientation of this generation. Hnízdil and Kačer have chosen different paths and materials for their sculptural realizations and their works will complement each other, thanks to their different approaches to form and expression. While Hnízdil works with the vertically oriented ephemeral form of abstract wire structures with kinetic details, Kačer prefers stone in a both intimate and monumental format, with a graphically formulated texture on the surface of the lying blocks.