Aleš Hnízdil: Genetický kód vědomí Provided by Goout

Today, Permanent

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art Poupětova 1, Praha 7

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0–300 CZK, Tickets available at venue

“When we touch one thing with deep consciousness, we can touch everything in our consciousness.”

Aleš Hnízdil’s work is based on a meditative perception of space. This motif can be traced throughout his life’s work and can be found in his spatial lines of the 1980s, which were created after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. They represented emptied silhouettes with hints of human characteristics, confronted by matter and space. The search for inner truths, and the perception of man’s existence at an emotional level, led to Hnízdil attempting to use ever simpler forms.

The author currently works mostly with stainless steel and stone – sandstone and alabaster. Steel structures penetrate white pieces of stone, sometimes pieces of paper. While vertical constructions are conceived as interconnections with infinite space, their cyclic parts evoke the blending or penetration of consciousness beyond the dimension of time. The use of paper then adds an aspect of transience to sculptures, but it is only part of an infinitely repetitive movement.

As part of the exhibition Genetic Code of Consciousness, Aleš Hnízdil will present a set of his works that have been created over the last two years on the DOX Center terrace.