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Farm in the Cave

Farm in the Cave. An international theatre studio focused on the creation, development and research of human expression. It is defined by the relations between I-you, body-voice, culture-nature, public-intimacy, research-creation. It looks for a bodily...


Gaudeamus is Prague folklore group whose members are students and graduates of prague universities.   Since its foundation in 1949 by the Prague School of Economy the group has existed and worked as a part of the school.  The group's ambition is to...

Cabaret Macabre Prague

Presented in English and using a musical comedy-horror format, the show centres on Prag ghost stories and legends

Divadlo Bez Zabran

Divadlo Bez zabran (Theatre Without Constraints) has been established as a civic society in 2001 by a group of gays making short scenes and comedy shows for their friends on various events from as early as 1997. Since 2001, the group is constantly...

Magic Palace

Were you also fascinated by magicians in your childhood and were you enchanted by secret, into which they veil tricks, at which you very often do not know whether you see the reality or only the illusion ?   The Magic Palace with its form of magician...

Blood, Love & Rhetoric Theatre s.r.o.

English theatre company made up of international English speaking actors producing plays focused on the darkly comic and absurd genres that touch on the alchemical spirit of Prague

Deja Donne

Lenka Flory (Czech Republic) and Simone Sandroni (Italy) founded the international, contemporary dance theatre group Deja Donne in Prague in 1997. Since their first production, the company has continued to work with a multinational company of dancers...

Pohybove divadlo 22

The ensemble was established in 1993 at the Na Zábradlí Theatre, as a successor of the closed down Ladislav Fialka Pantomime.   From the start, it has been working as an independent theatrical company. In the season of 1993-94, the company presented,...

Ballet Prague Junior

Bpj is a chamber company consisting of 14-16 students of Dcp at the doorstep of their dancing careers. The origin extends into the 60's - at that time an underground ensemble and later attached to Charles University, eventually evolved into an artistic...

Children's Opera Prague

In 1997, the soloist of the National Theatre in Prague and the professor of singing at the State Conservatoire, Jiřina Marková-krystlíková, founded the private music school with one aim – to grow in children and young people music feeling, relation to...


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