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Vedic Meditation

Tired or even exhausted? This is an easily learned Technique that gives Reliable Access to Profound Rest. It can be done.. by Any-one Any-where. Tim regularly runs Courses in Prague

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Address: Palackeho 7,
Praha 1,

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Simply Radical

Simply Radical is small company run by Radka Venderova who is Holistic Health Coach, Bikram yoga teacher and private chef... 

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Address: Ujezd 33,
Praha 1,

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Ponytale Talk

Coaching, mentoring and leadership training for women at all levels of the organization and throughout life's transition.. is our mission. We help women succeed in their careers.

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Address: Rybná 682/14,
Praha 1,

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Vegan Vital Time

Personal Fitness training& dietary couseling for vegans, vegetarians & anyone who likes to exercise and eat well.

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Address: Koněvova 132,
Praha 3,

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