Zoos in Prague and within the Czech Republic.

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Zoo Dvur Kralove

In the past, the Zoo’s were founded as animal menageries, where wild and exotic animals were exhibited to amuse the public.   Little was known about the animals‘ needs, which often died young and without any breeding. Today’s Zoological Gardens,...

Brno Zoo

Brno Zoo was opened to the public in spectacular style on 30 August 1953, more than 50 years ago.   Set in a stunning 65 hectares of land on Monk's Mountain in Brno, the zoo has more than 720 birds, mammals, reptiles and fishes belonging to more than...

Liberec Zoo

It was in the year 1904 when the voices of birds echoed through Liberec for the first time, as it was then that the local ornithological society for North Bohemia placed some exotic birds in a huge aviary. The aviary, built near a restaurant in Lidové...