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Švandovo Divadlo

Švandovo Theatre is the modern European culture centre of performing arts, with English subtitles for many performances

Ponec - the dance venue

Ponec – the dance venue is a space dedicated to presentation of contemporary dance and movement theatre. No language barrier

Goya Music Hall

Recent shows include Les Miserables and Miss Saigon

Forman Brothers Theatre

The theatre of Forman brothers. is a living community without a permanent stage and a complete ensemble, a community tied together by a close view of work and of style of living too. A community of theatrical nomads who relish the charm of journey and...

Divadlo Na Fidlovačce

Czech language theatre, known for its musical productions. Newly rennovated and close to city center (about 15 minutes by tram). Classics like "Fiddler on the Roof" and "Funny Girl" are in their repetoire. Website in Czech only

A Studio Rubin

Theatre, music club, and performing arts venue in Mala Strana. Theatrical performances start at 19:30; musical peformances at 20:30. Full schedule (in Czech only) on website

Radlická - cultural sport centre

Preparing sports and cultural space for a wide public that offers variable use of the former railway warehouse, outdoor spaces and industrial atmosphere of the building

Alfred Ve Dvoře Theatre

The stage for new theatre presents progressive performance works and unique creation-based projects

National Marionette Theatre

Opera For The Whole Family Original Czech Marionettes In The Opera Of Operas More Than 3000 Performances Since 1991. The dates of performance are available in the programme. Please to order tickets use the order form. Mozart composed "The Opera of...

Tanec Praha

Dance has unlimited possibilities to destroy not only language boundaries, but also our spiritual and emotional limits and restrictions of our attitudes Let's wish dance in the enlarged Europe more respect, plentiful financial resources and finally a touch...

Divadlo Inspirace

Theatre and performing arts venue in Mala Strana. Also known as Lyra Pragensis

Divadlo Komedie

Since 2002, Prague’s Komedie Theatre has been home to the Prague „chamber“ theatre ensemble Pražské komorní divadlo (Pkd). This ensemble was founded in 1998 and its productions over the last few years have demonstrated the elevated height of its...

Divadlo v Dlouhe

Divadlo v Dlouhé is a repertoire theatre with a permanent group of actors established in 1996 as a set financed by the Municipality of Prague. Director Daniela Šálková heads the theatre and the art management comprises: literary adviser Štěpán...

Malé Nosticovo divadlo nad Čertovkou

Theatre in Mala Strana. Nearest Metro - Malostranska and Anděl Trams - 12,20,22,23 to Hellichova

Prague Playhouse

acting class in prague

Teatr novogo fronta

The origin of Teatr Novogo Fronta lies in St. Petersburg, Russia, where this theatre company was established in 1993. Their early work resulted from experiments in the field of the relationship between the actor's body - the only material being used...

Minor Theater

The Minor Theatre has been for years linked mainly with puppet and children theatre. Since 2001 a lot of important changes took place connected especially with the acquisition of a new modern building in Vodičková Street. For this building the theatre...

Divadlo Rokoko

Theatre in Prague 1


Theatre and concert hall in Prague 6.   Nightly concerts, plays, children's fairy tales and more.

Kolowrat Theatre

When the building of the Theatre of the Estates was being reconstructed the adjoininng early baroque palace, which had for long been the theatre's administrative building, was renewed at the same time. Its beautiful facade, of which K. L. Zap wrote...

National Theater (Narodni Divadlo)

The historical building of the National Theatre in Prague is the embodiment of the will of the Czech nation for national independence. The broad masses of the people took a share in its building by making collections for it and the ceremonial lying of...

The Bear Educational Theatre

The Bear Educational Theatre was started by David Fisher in 1994. The very first performance, The Bear by Anton Chekhov, was already different from most other English language theatre productions because it was designed to be played in schools and for...

Divadlo Disk

Theatre Studio Disk is part of the Academy of Performing Arts (Damu), located at the Academy at Karlova 26, Prague. Disk theatre has the size and characteristics of a regular, small repertory theatre, the most common type of theatre in the Czech Republic....

Broadway Theatre

In front of the theatre is situated balcony with 136 places for sitting ( 7 rows ). On both sides of the theatre are 12 boxes for V. I. P partners of the Broadway Theatre. One box is for persons with physical disability. On this floor you can also...

Divadlo Na Pradle

Theatre, Gallery & Cafe. Divadlo Na Pradle is host to fringe festival acts, expatriate theatre and Czech performances all year round.

Duncan Centre Theatre

A modern studio theatre is situated in the buildings of the Duncan Centre Conservatory. The composition of the Duncan Centre Conservatory's theatre programme attempts to introduce interesting projects from the field of Czech, Slovak and the world scene...

Nablizko Theatre

Theatre and performing arts venue in Prague 1 - Kampa. Home to a wide range of performances including Prague Fringe Festival shows.

Prague Original Music Theatre

Since its establishment in 1991, the Theatre may pride on its originality expressing in several ways: it performs its own chamber music performances in the historical salons and the whole concept of the plays inspired by the life stories of famous musicians...

Theatre of Spejbl and Hurvinek

The Spejbl and Hurvínek Theatre was established by prof. Josef Skupa ( 1892-1957) in Pilsen, western Bohemia in 1930.   It was the first modern professional marionette theatre. Its protagonist - Spejbl and Hurvinek - had already gained popularity in...

Divadlo Puzzle

Divadlo Puzzle aims to bring more Korean puppet theater production into the Czech Republic, as well as to familiarize Koreans with the Czech tradition of puppetry

La Fabrika

Experimental Studio in Prague 7. See calendar for event listings

State Opera Prague

The Prague State Opera resides in the building which on January 5, 1888 was opened as a Prague German stage with the performance of Wagner’s opera, The Mastersingers of Nürnberg. In the 19th century, Prague Germans performed in the Estate’s Theater in...

Divadlo Hybernia

Newly reconstructed musical theater on Namesti Republiky. Officially re-opened on November 23rd, 2006, with a new production of "The Golem". Directly across the street from Obecni Dum


Theatre and performing arts venue in Prague 4. Theater, film, music, and more. Nightly performances - check website for program (Czech only).

Hudebni Divadlo Karlin

Musical and operetta theatre. Highly skilled performers showing the best of the musical world. West Side Story, Chicago, Singing in the rain

Estates Theatre

The Theatre of the Estates (Stavovské divadlo) is one of the most beautiful historic theatres in Europe. The building was initiated by the enlightened aristocrat František Antonín, Count Nostic Rieneck, who was led by the desire to enhance the city of...

Marionette Theatre

"Don Giovanni" marionette opera - Located at the Theatre On the King Road, Karlova 12, Prague 1. Open daily from 10. 00 - 20. 00

Studio Matous

The ensemble Ars Cameralis is famous in its double performance activity, including 13th to 15th century music on the one hand, and contemporary music on the other. The ensemble's rich repertory is still being extended not only by the new transcriptions of...

Theatre Institute

The Theatre Institute is a modern information centre and research institute, whose main mission is to provide the Czech and foreign public with a complex information service in the area of theatre, ballet, dance, puppet theatre and other forms of the...

Lavka Theatre

Lávka's Terraces and Theatre are the most favourite places to enjoy the view of Prague's panorama. Lavka Theatre has an intimate cosy atmosphere with a capacity of 250 places. This exciting space can be used in a variety of ways from regular Concert , to...

Salesianske divadlo

Independent theatre located in Prague 8.    American Drama Group Europe, who put on plays in the English language, occasionally have shows at the Salesianske Theatre.

Ponec Theatre

Ponec Theatre is run by the Tanec Praha Association, with financial support from the City of Prague, the Czech Ministry of Culture and the Prague 3 District Council. Opening of the Ponec Theatre has brought a completely new kind of space to our theatre...

Krizik Fountain

The Krizík Fountain, which was built in 1891, is a generally admired monument and without exaggeration a European unique. To the visitor it offers an unrepeatable artistic experience from beautiful music accompanied by an aquatic dance with colour...

Nablizko Theatre - Tent

Theatre and performing arts venue in Prague 1 - Kampa. Home to a wide range of performances including Prague Fringe Festival shows.

The Bear Educational Theatre

The Bear Educational Theatre was started by David Fisher in 1994.   The very first performance, The Bear by Anton Chekhov, was already different from most other English language theatres because it was designed to be played in schools and for...


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