Wellness Yoga Studio

Plavecká 400/12, Praha 2, 12800

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Located in the lovely residential area of Prague 2 by the Vltava River is the Wellness Yoga Studio. In this calming retreat away from your everyday troubles and the hustle and bustle of city living you will find peace and tranquility. The Wellness Yoga Studio was founded by Lucie Krejčířová, an experienced and certified yoga teacher who is a firm believer not only in the yoga poses but also and most importantly in the experience of learning to live in the present in every moment, beginning naturally with your body. Lucie Krejčířová is a patient, optimistic and calming force in the Wellness Yoga Studio and being in her yoga studio one immediately feels at home and experiences feelings of contentment and peace. At the Yoga Wellness Studio you can find an array of classes and workshops, all of which are described online on the studio’s comprehensive website. Classes include Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Children, Yoga for Teenagers, Slow Flow, Naam Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga Mom & Buddha Baby, Family Yoga, private consultations, online Skype classes and more. The website also features information about special yoga trips such as Yoga in Croatia by the Adriatic Sea and more. At Wellness Yoga Studio you do not need to bring any yoga props as the studio has mats, blankets, pillows and everything else you may possibly need. All you have to do is bring yourself and your happy attitude.
The scope of classes covers the whole society - prenatals, yoga mom and Buddha baby, Yoga for moms and toddlers, kids yoga, Hatha yoga, Wellness/Senior yoga and Partner yoga.

Wellness Yoga Studio

Plavecká 400/12, Praha 2, 12800

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yoga benefits for my baby too!

Reviewed by Glenda Alquicer 01.09.2015
wellness yoga is an space not only for learning or improving skills on yoga but also a to enjoy the practice with your baby. Lucie (our expert instructor, not only as yogi but as mom) offer us the right atmosphere in "yoga mom and buddha baby" to exchange advises, experience and relaxation. I've realized of here the benefits of yoga on personal growth and its intrinsic influence on maternity. Absolutely recommendable!

Heal your body, your mind and your sould

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 27.07.2015
I had the pleasure to meet Lucie in 2014. Since I started attending to her lessons I realized I was not only in the presence of an amazing yoga teacher, but of a healer of your body, mind and soul. The way she cares for every single one of her students, the love you can feel in the studio since you remove your shoes, her huge heart and knowledge about yoga, Ayurveda and energy are without a doubt the best combination you can hope for if you... read more

Great yoga place

Reviewed by Miki.Watanabe 02.11.2014
I've been going to Wellness Yoga for more than 2 years now and always enjoy it! I started out with the prenatal class, followed by the mom + baby/toddler class. Lucid is not only a great yoga teacher who knows how to make me feel good and relaxed, but she is also very good with the little ones and knows how to improve their strength and health as well. I can definitely recommend Wellness Yoga!

Wellness Yoga Studio

Reviewed by Sara Mihálik 20.11.2011
I have been attending Hatha Yoga classes at Wellness Yoga Studio now for about 6 months and I highly, highly recommend this studio. I feel so happy and calm after a lesson and this feeling always extends to the next day. I have more energy, better posture, and generally I am more positive. The instructors are warm, professional and experienced and always assist you to make sure that you are doing each pose correctly and also that you are... read more

This place is wonderful

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 19.11.2011
I've been going to their hatha yoga classes for some time now, and these are the best yoga classes I've tried in Prague or elsewhere! It's not just about the physical postures there but also about the mental/spiritual side of yoga, it's not about trying to look great in an expensive yoga outfit, it's about FEELING great and learning how to listen to your own body. People who go there are great, honest, real people, and no need to say that the... read more

big improvements on strength, health

Reviewed by amorphous solid 11.10.2011
The effects on my body of attending regular classes at Wellness Yoga have been beyond my greatest expectations. Yoga is excellent exercise, but the instruction here is exceptional. Attending classes regularly, I've become more flexible and lost weight, but I was surprised at how much stronger I have become. Each class ends with a feeling of euphoria - no matter how I feel going to the class, I leave feeling wonderful and happy. I didn't... read more

Wellness Yoga

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 03.08.2010 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
I warmly recommend Wellness Yoga on Plavecka to expats and locals alike. The premises are clean, the classes professional and Lucie and her team are unpretentious and welcoming. Definitely worth it. Drop-in classes are 200 Kc.