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Royal Wedding is your destination weddings agency located in Prague, Czech Republic. We are specialized in planning the wedding ceremonies for the couples from around the globe, to tailor their Big Day in romantic places of Prague and Czech Republic.Royal Wedding will provide you with thousands of inspiration ideas, covering all up to tiny details of the ceremony preparation. It is very important to have the professional team, which will be able to bring out and realize the ceremony in accordance to your ideas at the day of your wedding. You may wish to participate in planning your wedding day or leave it entirely on us.

Royal Wedding is here to assist you to turn your dreams into reality, to make your ceremony stylish and comfortable!

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Royal Wedding - unprofessional service

posted by Dasha Swords
03:03:31 19/01/2018

My wife & I have been to Prague many times & even lived there for a short period of time. It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth & couldn’t recommend Prague enough to have a wedding. I also want to say that my wife & I are very easy-going people but when we pay for a service, we do expect the service to be good – at the very least decent. With that being said, I would NEVER recommend getting married through Royal Wedding. My wife & I chose Royal Wedding for two reasons, A) They had wonderful reviews (I can’t understand how this is possible) & B) because not only did Tim respond in a quick timely manner (at least prior to receiving our deposit) but he was able to promise us an OFFICIAL wedding in the Vrtba garden on the date we chose. No other agency had that day available. My wife & I pulled the trigger, hired Royal Wedding for the date of our choice, paid our deposit, booked our flights & that is when Tim started to disappoint us repeatedly up to & even after our big day. First, Tim broke the biggest part of our agreement. About 45 days before the wedding, after we had everything booked, he told us that we couldn’t have an official wedding in the garden the day we agreed upon. He told us we would have to get married outside of Prague first & then have a ceremonial wedding in the garden. This is not what we agreed upon. We told Tim this was 100% unacceptable but he didn’t seem to care & kept making up excuses. He even missed scheduled skype meetings which I took off work to attend. It wasn’t until we arrived in Prague that we found out it was because the day we chose was a National holiday - something Tim should have notified us about & known from the beginning. To summarize, my wife & I had to have a ceremonial wedding the day before the date we chose & then have our official ceremony the morning after – messing up our travel schedule. Never once did Tim try to find a solution for his mistakes, instead my wife & I were the ones that had to solve & plan our day the best we could after such a disappointment. Side Note: Royal Wedding does not have a legitimate office. All Documents get sent to a residential address. Furthermore, it only consists of Tim & Kirill & doesn’t appear to have any other employees. When asking Tim about other services such as photographers, tuxedo rentals (note tuxedos are not popular in Prague unless you like tails & cummerbunds), restaurants, flowers, etc. Tim only sent us a few random links that anyone could have found with a simple google search. It’s amazing he doesn’t have any brochures to send his clients after arranging weddings for so long. On top of all this, we found out after contacting a few photographers that Tim charges a much higher price if he books them for you. Do yourself a favor & find your own photographer & make all the arrangements yourself. (note, we found a photographer by the name of Lubow Polyanska, who did an absolutely AMAZING job. Not only did we get her, but we had her husband shooting pictures as well). Because it became quickly apparent to us that Tim was highly incompetent, didn’t care about our wedding day & managed to screw up every aspect of it thus far, my wife & I decided to do/book everything else ourselves including photography, transportation, hair, make-up, reception, etc. & everything we did turned out amazingly – no thanks to Tim. In terms of helping us with the wedding, we never even met Tim until the day after our wedding when it was all said & done. We never met Kirill who was supposed to help us with our documents. Instead Tim had his event DJ, Bogdan do all of the work (Bogdan had never done any of this before. Tim put him & us in a very difficult situation but Bogdan did an amazing job with what resources he had. A HUGE thanks to Bogdan & Tim should be thankful to have at least one person on his team that genuinely cares). Our registration at the Police station not only took an entire morning/afternoon but it was extremely stressful because Tim didn’t supply Bogdan with all the appropriate paperwork. On top of that, the night before going to the police station I specifically asked Tim if we needed anything else other than our passports. His answer was no & we ended up have to pay a $50 fine because we didn’t bring all our paperwork. Thank God, my wife & I arrived in Prague 4 days before our wedding because we weren’t told until just a few weeks before our arrival that we had to be there 3 days before the wedding to get registered at the police station. Due to all of Tim’s mistakes, I felt compelled to confirm every small detail with him. The night before our official wedding, I contacted Tim to confirm what time the car would be meeting us in the morning. His response was “check your schedule”. Needless to say, the morning of, as my wife & I were getting ready for our official wedding, Tim messaged us saying we had to be ready 30 minutes prior to the time we had scheduled - forcing us to be ready sooner than expected. Not only was this stressful, but completely unacceptable & even made my bride to be cry because she didn’t have enough time to get ready. My wife & I were told that we would receive our Wedding Certificate by mail no later than one month after the day of our wedding. We are just now writing our review because we just received our documents last week 2.5 months later. Honestly, it got to the point when I thought we wouldn’t receive our Marriage Certificate at all. These are just a few of the issues we had with Royal Wedding. I really wish I could write & explain all of them in great detail but fact of the matter is, Tim didn’t care about us or our wedding. We paid him a nice chunk of money to help make our wedding day a little less stressful & it ended up being more stressful & expensive because of him. He never apologized for anything he screwed up which believe me was A LOT! I can tell you that Tim recently opened up a new business, so much of his attention is elsewhere but that’s no excuse for him to treat his clients the way he treated us. I hope that this review will help you lovely couples out there make an informed decision & understand how Royal Wedding does business. I further hope that Royal Wedding learns from their mistakes & starts treating their clients with respect, fulfilling their obligations & providing them with the services they paid for.