Sweet Epil Waxing Studio

Vyšehradská 31, Praha 2, 12800

  • Landline+420 224910599
  • Mobile phone+420 774670067


First and the only one cosmetic studio in Czech republic specialized exclusively on waxing http://www.sweet-epil.cz/en
Professionals for Brazilian waxing in Prague for women & men.

Conveniently located in quiet area of Prague´s city center has got perfect traffic connection as well as parking possibility.

Our studio uses for hair removal sugar paste Sweet Epil, a natural product, made from the purest ingredients. The sugar paste is designed to eliminate unwanted hair while helping maintain a healthy and youthful skin. Based on Oriental tradition is Sweet Epil the right way to remove your hair for good also at secret places.

Our professional Epil-Ladies with medical background are trained to a waxing specialists and are creating an environment that is quiet, calming and individualized.

Beauty salon Sweet Epil is here for everyone, regardless sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation for whom is smooth skin without hair the integral part of personal hygiene. 

Sweet Epil Waxing Studio

Vyšehradská 31, Praha 2, 12800

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Highly recommended

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 26.02.2014
I know it is a challenge and you need some patience to find a great studio for such kind of service like vaxing is! I had an experience with three of them here in Prague and I was not fully satisfied with none of them until a friend of mine recommended me Sweet Epil. I can ensure you that these girls are very pleasant, clean and you feel comfortable with their service. They have nice and stable team there, although I don't really care who is... read more

I strongly recommend this studio

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 21.07.2013
Firstly, I was afraid of waxing becuse I had some bad experience, but my friend told me about this studio-she attends it regulary and she´s been persuading me for a long time,that they´re great. So I decided to try it.They use sugar paste and then put special strips on the sugarpaste layer and quickly peel off- so it´s not painful at all! I was overwhelmed how my skin became soft and smooth after the procedure and how the sugarpaste is... read more

sugar addict

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 29.04.2013
I am a frequent visitor over 2 years now and would never go elsewhere. The studio is clean, the personnel extremely helpful and skilled. The procedure takes a bit longer than usually, but the extra time is absolutely rewarded by the long last and perfectly smooth skin. Unlike normal wax one can easily wash off any leftovers of sugar paste with simple water and it is way less painful than normal wax. Usually I go for full brazil + whole leg... read more


Reviewed by Expats.cz user 26.11.2010
I'm just writing to share my experience here. I've visited 3 or 4 times, and I've always been happy. Service is friendly, and the wax is great. It doesn't hurt as much as other waxes, your skin feels fine afterward, and it lasts a lot longer...4 weeks or more. The studio is extremely clean and the waxers professional and experienced. This wax is a bit more expensive than other waxes, but it's a special procedure, and I think it is well worth... read more

Watch the wax!

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 11.10.2010 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
A good wax is hard to find - believe me, I've tried many studios in Prague and had some, let's say, interesting experiences - and a lot of painful ones. However, I have good news: Silk Epil was my best wax in Prague - but by far the most expensive and the slowest. Don't go there if you're short of cash or time! The wax itself was great - not at all painful and a great job was done by friendly Pavla. The end result was smooth and blemish-free... read more