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Our company provides immigration services for foreigners in the Czech Republic.

To EU citizens we assist with getting a Certificate of temporary residence and Permanent residence.

To citizens outside EU we assist with obtaining a work permit, Schengen visa, Long-term residence and Permanent residence.

We can also help you when dealing with following offices:
Trades Office (živnostenský úřad)
Tax Office (finanční úřad)
Social security office (česká správa sociálního zabezpečení)
and others.

Our policy is to navigate our clients through the burdensome Czech bureaucracy, saving them time and stress. During the process we always inform our clients about the proceedings of their case. We are always doing the best possible to have our clients cases dealt with and decided by the authorities as fast as possible.

We always inform our clients about changes in administration in advance in order to assure smooth process of extension of their residence.

To the clients that we represent through the whole process we can offer a lot of benefits for example free bridge visa and many others.

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Expertise and friendliness!

posted by Anonymous
19:07:35 03/09/2014

Zlata helped me when I didn't know what else to do with my visa problem. I have always handled the visa applications by myself, knowing the procedures and being prepared with the necessary paperwork.This year I had an exceptional problem and needed a "clever" work-around. Zlata was perfect, thinking out 3 or 4 possibilities I had never thought of, making necessary phone calls and was very punctual. I can't recommend her enough! Her prices are quite inexpensive, but the advice is invaluable. Thank you!

Patient and understanding

posted by SethGi
10:10:07 15/08/2014

Lets be honest, getting a visa in Prague is not fun. That is, until you find a company like Stay in CZ. Ms.Meyers is patient with her clients and has a genuine concern for those that want to be legal in Prague. The prices are incredibly low and very worth it. The process has been painless with this company.

Highly recommended

posted by jason@expats
17:05:51 29/04/2014

As a third-country national living in the Czech Republic for 10 years, I know what a nightmare the visa process can be.
Zlata recently sorted Permanent Residence for me - along with health insurance, živnostenský list renewal, change of residence, and other related matters - in a manner so painless the months-long process never became a headache. Always on top of deadlines and requirements, it was a pleasure working with Zlata and everything went smoother than I could have possibly imagined.
Additionally, Zlata is extremely knowledgeable about all matters related to the visa process, and was able to advise me the best course of action. And affordable! I only wish I had saved myself years of trouble and employed her services earlier.
Thanks Zlata!

Affordable and reliable

posted by Cadon23
10:10:00 29/04/2014

I had Zlata do all my zivno, insurance and temporary residence permits when I arrived in the CR in September. She has super affordable rates, is always on time and she is very efficient. After hearing horror stories of what others have gone through and ridiculous sums they have been asked to pay, I say, just go to Zlata, you won't be disappointed! She made my move stress free and dare I say... easy.

Couldn't ask for better

posted by Anonymous
14:02:31 30/09/2013

This review is long overdue and well-deserved. From the moment I met Zlata, she made me feel comfortable and confident about navigating the process of obtaining my živnostenský, registering me at the Tax and Social security offices, and most recently getting my long-term resident card. She is extremely patient and knowledgeable. The folks in the embassy in Berlin even complimented how thorough her paperwork was. I'd heard a few horror stories about non-EUs having problems, but it was all smooth sailing and fairly quick too. I can't imagine doing this without her and will continue to seek her assistance in whatever services she can provide.