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Opening hours

Opening hours

Monday 08:30 - 16:30
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Wednesday 08:30 - 16:30
Thursday 08:30 - 16:30
Friday 08:30 - 16:30
Pexpats is your visa agency with a team of experienced people who are ready to assist you whether you are just arriving or a resident in Prague!

Our services include:

- Registration with the Foreign police
- Trade license
- Health insurance(license N. 236417PPZ)
- Initial visas
- Residence permits
- Employee cards
- Notary verified translations
- Car Registrations
- Consultancy services
- Local services
.... and more services upon your request!

Our services are transparent, confidential and we have a successful track record.

You definitely find a personal approach with our team! Please contact us directly with any request or question ( We offer you an email consultation for free!

More about PraguExpats services and prices you can find on our webpage -

We highly recommend you to schedule an appointment with us! Please understand we are not constantly present at the office. In case you want to come to our office. You can find us at the address: Revoluční 8, Prague 1 (building B, 1st floor).

PraguExpats is the official and direct comprehensive health insurance provider of AXA, Ergo, and Pojišťovna VZP. Our license of insurance broker No. 236417PPZ issued by the Central Bank of the Czech Republic.

We help you to make your life in Prague easier!

Your Team of PraguExpats


Revoluční 1082/8, Praha 1, 11000

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Great service, thank you

Reviewed by pavel.k1 01.02.2015
Praguexpats helped us tremendously with our international wedding and it's hard to imagine doing all the bureaucracy without their help. Thank you. Also, they were cheaper compared to other agencies we tried, and more personal.

Excellent in dealing with complex situations

Reviewed by Mark_2me 16.01.2015
I requested the help of Praguexpats for a complicated driving licence exchange which required translations, power of attornies, more translations. As Im living out outside of Czech Rep all these had to be done on my behalf. Petra replied to me and immediately understood what I need, how to do it, what I need to provide her and what she needs to do. I must add I had spent 2 months trying to gather this information myself (unsuccessfully) so... read more

Homo from home for expats in Prague

Reviewed by user 31.12.2014
Prague Expats is a dynamic organisation which is a natural :home from home for Expats in Prague. It provides excellent services for people living here, especially those needing visa services. It also organises entertaining social events, including a summer garden party and Czech film evenings which are most enjoyable. It functions very well and I am pleased to be involved with it.

So so so amazing.

Reviewed by user 17.10.2014 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
What can I say about Veronika and Petra that others haven't already said? Not much. They are two of the most helpful and wonderful visa professionals in Prague. They are nice, responsive, and experts when it comes too knowing the constantly changing visa rules for the Czech Republic. They

All my trust in PraguExpats

Reviewed by user 10.10.2014
Veronika and Petra are two of the kindest people I have met here in Prague. When I needed someone to help me get all of my papers in order, they told me what I had to do and they stayed on me until I got them gathered for them to turn in to the proper offices. Communication with them, is like you are the only one that is being helped by the two of them, even though they have many more clients. Im still here in Prague because of these two... read more

Great help for foreigners

Reviewed by user 01.10.2014
Thanks to Veronica we were able to get a Czech medical insurance card for our baby, which has saved us a lot of money. I am Polish, speaking just a little bit Czech, and my husband is English working here, but we are too busy or simply unable to struggle with the Czech bureaucracy (which, by the way, is very similar to the Polish one, so I do not feel that homesick ;). Veronica really has made our life easier, and we will definitely use her... read more

Help Even for Czech Speakers

Reviewed by user 03.09.2014
As an American who speaks fairly good Czech, I'm used to getting around Prague without any problems. But even then, the Czech bureaucracy is hard to navigate-- Petra and Veronika at PraguExpats have made my life so much easier in so many different ways. From helping me organize the complicated paperwork for visas and renewals, to trade licenses, to dealing with the various problems that crop up with HR and administrators, PraguExpats has made... read more

Knowledgeable, Friendly, Prompt.

Reviewed by user 13.08.2014
'PragueExpats' have so much know-how and experience they've become indispensable to me.. and for much more than I originally approached them for. One stop shopping for your expats needs.. friendly, reliable with great communication skills and strong work ethic.. which can often be difficult to find in Prague I strongly recommend them.

Rescue services

Reviewed by user 13.07.2014
I thought that that I had a unique and difficult problem in acquiring a Czech residence permit until Veronika and Petra came to my rescue. They were able to reassure me and get me through the process with their gracious and effective personal service. But it wasn't so easy and my partner and I are really grateful for their tenacity and experience. We have now recommended them to a friend who comes with another big problem to... read more

They took all the hassle and headchaes away

Reviewed by user 07.05.2014
My experience with PragueExpats was excellent, they took care of all of the details - from the smallest things like filling in a basic form to sorting out the most complex paperwork for me and setting everything in advance so that my time with the authorities to be minimal. Although I know that the work on their side was laborious, I didn't feel any of the pressure and the whole process was extremely smooth. Working with PragueExpats was a... read more

I relied on them completely

Reviewed by user 30.04.2014
These excellent people helped me with all my documents and paperwork when moving to Prague that allow me to live and work here. They always answered all my questions and went to extra lengths waiting at government offices making sure I got what I needed. Having a Czech native in your corner when trying to navigate the maze of paperwork and barriers of uncooperative government offices is so amazingly valuable and helpful. All the bureaucracy... read more

Finally - real customer service in Prague!

Reviewed by user 30.04.2014
I've worked in Prague for 10 years and can honestly say that excellent customer service and proper follow-through are sadly quite rare. I initially worked with another agency on my trade license, long-term visa, permanent visa and annual tax return but while the agency meant well, they employed staff who simply could not deliver. That is the difference with PraguExpats - they own their own firm and are responsible for every aspect of a... read more

Making things easy

Reviewed by user 30.04.2014
When you're bypassing a crowded waiting area and everybody gives you envious looks, you easily realise what Praguexpats does for you. I'd call it "Making complicated things easy". So - fully recommended!

Fast, caring, professional service

Reviewed by Debra Shulkes 17.04.2014
I called PraguExpats with a very technical question related to my visa/zivnostensky list. Not only were they easily contactable (unlike several other agencies I approached), but their visa advisor immediately dedicated time to researching my question (including investigating the legislation and calling several government offices). She was able to send me an answer by the end of the day. I was really impressed (and comforted) by their thorough... read more

My experience with praguexpats

Reviewed by user 26.03.2014
I use service of Pexpats and all I can say is - great experience! My warm recommendation :)