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Opening hours

Opening hours

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Pexpats is your visa agency with a team of experienced people who are ready to assist you whether you are just arriving or a resident in Prague!

Our services include:

- Registration with the Foreign police
- Trade license
- Health insurance(license N. 236417PPZ)
- Initial visas
- Residence permits
- Employee cards
- Notary verified translations
- Car Registrations
- Consultancy services
- Local services
.... and more services upon your request!

Our services are transparent, confidential and we have a successful track record.

You definitely find a personal approach with our team! Please contact us directly with any request or question ( We offer you an email consultation for free!

More about PraguExpats services and prices you can find on our webpage -

We highly recommend you to schedule an appointment with us! Please understand we are not constantly present at the office. In case you want to come to our office. You can find us at the address: Revoluční 8, Prague 1 (building B, 1st floor).

PraguExpats is the official and direct comprehensive health insurance provider of AXA, Ergo, and Pojišťovna VZP. Our license of insurance broker No. 236417PPZ issued by the Central Bank of the Czech Republic.

We help you to make your life in Prague easier!

Your Team of PraguExpats


Revoluční 1082/8, Praha 1, 11000

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Couldn't survive without them!

Reviewed by Gemma CIitheroe 01.10.2017
I've used PraguExpats since i moved here 2 years ago and they have been amazing. When I got here I really tried to do everything myself and it was an absolute disaster. I was spending so much time going to various town halls and offices etc and acheiving nothing. PraguExpats just took my details and sorted everything out for me. They have made my life so much easier! I would highly recommend them before trying to navigate the Czech bureaucracy... read more

Best Possible Service!!!

Reviewed by Branislav Ivan 21.09.2017
From the first moment I spoke to Petra, I knew I was in great hands. She listened to me and since my visa was a bit complicated, tailored a strategy specifically for me. She always answers her phone and has the expertise, patience, and friendly attitude that makes every interaction an absolute pleasure. I have used other visa services in the past and felt like a generic expat product in a big faceless machine. This company is different I... read more

Visa Experts

Reviewed by Zachary Herzog 04.09.2017
Martina, Petra, and Hany were tremendously helpful when I moved to Prague. They guided me through every step of the immigration process from the trade license, to the visa application, to registering with the necessary foreign agencies. Immigrating to a new country is a tricky process, and while visas are complicated and time consuming, these ladies are tenacious and dedicated to getting results. They know the process inside and out and they... read more

Highly Recommended !

Reviewed by Giuseppe Grasso 14.07.2017
We contacted Praguexpats because we had to apply for a Residence Permit in Czech Republic. Petra, Hany and Martina have all been very helpful, kind, and also very patient considering the amount of emails and questions I asked. They made the process very easy and smooth, providing us all the information we needed, arranging the necessary appointmens, and accompanying us at the Foreign Police and Immigration Office. Invaluable help especially if... read more

Super Personal and Awesome

Reviewed by Carrie Reeb 01.04.2017
The entire team at PraguExpats worked hard for my case and with super smooth and timely success. It was my first time doing the visa process on my own, and they made all of the steps clear, even where the law wasn't clear. They were incredibly patent, and worked through all the kinks in the system. I'm using them again for my renewal -- I couldn't do it without them!

Excellent Service!

Reviewed by Mariel Tavakoli 10.03.2017
Petra and Martina made the process so smooth especially when communicating with me overseas and on a super tight timeline. They were always available, helpful, and responsive to every question. Thank you for everything!

Petra and Hany to the rescue

Reviewed by Larry Marxsen 18.10.2016
After my wife and I visited the foreign police, and visited two different Ministry of Interior office buildings, and getting absolutely nowhere, we were ready to pull what little hair I have left out. Hany and Petra to the rescue! Petra outlined what we needed (an Apostille) and what we had to do to stay beyond the 90 days. Hany made the appointment for my wife, and accompanied us to the proper agency and got my wife's citizenship reinstated... read more

Hany is amazing!

Reviewed by Patrick Dunn 07.09.2016
----I sent this e-mail to the company but also thought it should be shared here.---- I just wanted to let you know how grateful and how appreciative I am for your company and all of your services provided so far. I don’t know if it is the same as in the US but when somebody does a good job we really think that person should deserve credit and acknowledgment for it. Hany has been amazing since day one. She has gone above and beyond to... read more

I can't live without Hany from PraguExpats

Reviewed by Ephram Ryan 25.08.2016 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
I've used Hany for a year now. She has helped me with the Czech bureaucracy and language barriers for obtaining my initial and long term visas. I simply couldn't have done any of it without her. She is almost always immediately available or quick-to-respond to inquiries about many different visa-related items. She is extremely knowledgable of the process and will accompany you to all the important offices like the Foreign Police and such and... read more

hany is the best!!!

Reviewed by Hagop Ketendjian 13.06.2016
i went to praguexpats because i needed a visa to stay in the czech republic. Hany helped me and answered all of the questions that i had, and made sure that i applied for my visa in the correct way, and that i had gathered together all of the documents that were needed. The communication was great, she speaks very good english. Even after i had paid her, she continued to answer my emails promptly and even did me some favors that she didnt have... read more

I <3 PraguExpats

Reviewed by Alyssa.Parkhurst 10.06.2016
Hany and Petra were so helpful throughout the entire process of getting my short-term residence permit and my trade license! They were always available to answer my questions and were so great at explaining all the different processes and what my options were. I couldn't have done it without them! If I ever need help with something like this in the future I won't hesitate to contact them and ask for help ; )

Exceptional Service and Assistance

Reviewed by Gregory Buczek 08.06.2016
I have been working with Hany of PraguExpats for a few months now relating to my visa and establishing my business in the Czech Republic. This task would have been impossible without the help of Hany. She has been there to guide me throughout the process, to prepare for each step, to explain the complex situations and to answer my nearly endless series of questions about the process and life in the Czech Republic in general. Hany truly... read more

The Most Reliable and Caring Service in Prague

Reviewed by Leih Mikulić 23.03.2016
I had the pleasure of using PraguExpats for the past two years and they have helped me with all of my visas and more. Both Petra and Hany are always helpful and available. I actually just got married to my husband here in Prague. I was extremely nervous about the paperwork because he is Croatian and living in Berlin and I am American living in Prague but Petra and Hany handled everything. Through the usual bureaucratic bumps along the... read more

Quick and Caring Service

Reviewed by Nicole Mascarenhas 07.03.2016
I recently moved to Prague to complete my masters and I had a hard time applying for my student visa. A friend recommended Prague Expats to me and I emailed them asking for student visa assistance. The next day I got a call from Petra and she was extremely helpful. She helped me get a visa appointment earlier than I expected and made sure I had all the documents I needed. She also did not charge me for her services which was really nice. (I... read more

This company truly saved me

Reviewed by Kristina Murdy 25.02.2016
I cannot thank Hany enough for all the help she has given me. After living here and unexpectedly staying after meeting my Czech boyfriend, I was confused and stressed, and thought I would never get my visa. Hany took me under her care and took me through the process step by step, so that I could finally stop worrying. Everything went smoothly with my Visa process, and I've also made a great friend through this company. I am also a huge fan of... read more