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PraguExpats is your visa agency with a team of experienced people who are ready to assist you whether you are just arriving or a resident in Prague!

Our services include:

- Registration with the Foreign police
- Trade license
- Initial visas
- Residence permits
- Employee cards
- Notary verified translations
- Accountancy services
- Consultancy services
- Local services

.... and more services upon your request!

Our services are transparent, confidential and we have a succesful track record.

You definitely find a personal approach with our team! Please contact us directly with any request or question ( We offer you an email consultation for free!

More about PraguExpats services and prices you can find on our webpage -

We highly recommend you to schedule an appointment with us! Please understand we are not constantly present at the office. In case you want to come to our office. You can find us at the address: Revoluční 8, Prague 1 (building B, 1st floor).

We help you to make your life in Prague easier!

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Great solution to all your document issues

posted by Julia Fateyeva
00:12:39 04/02/2018

I've been working with Petra, Martina and Hany for more than 2 years and they did a great job sorting out all kinds of documents I needed. They are also very nice persons and are almost always available to help. Highly recommended!

Use Them!

posted by Frank Clare
11:11:55 28/11/2017

I'm been using the services of Praguexpats for a year and a half. Petra, Hany, and Martina did all the heavy lifting, taking care of the complicated process. Sometimes it's mind boggling, the Czech bureaucracy, as all bureaucracies can be. There's no way I could have done this on my own. Praguexpats got me through the paperwork and legwork. They accompanied me to important meetings, like the Foreign Police, and the limmigration office. They went to offices themselves, on my behalf, when I didn't have too be there. They've been amazing and supportive throughout both the processes I've been through. I got my first long term visa through them and when that expired they helped me get my second long term visa with the biometric card. Don't hesitate to use them, they will get the job done.

Amazing service!! Highly recommend!!

posted by Jacky Angie Negret
09:09:04 14/11/2017

I honestly couldn't have gone through the visa process without them!! They are so responsive and helpful. Every question, concern, and advice I needed they were there for me. Petra and Martina went above and beyond every single step of the way. I am forever grateful and appreciative of everything they've done!! Thank you thank you thank you!

Highly Recommended

posted by Aretha Santos
20:08:23 27/10/2017

My visa process was completely unusual, it took more than the legal time and Petra helped me the entire time answering to every single of my e-mails, trying to collect information about the delay and so many other things. She is so patient and I am really grateful for her help. I totally recommend Petra and the team of PraguExpats.

Couldn't survive without them!

posted by Gemma CIitheroe
18:06:14 01/10/2017

I've used PraguExpats since i moved here 2 years ago and they have been amazing. When I got here I really tried to do everything myself and it was an absolute disaster. I was spending so much time going to various town halls and offices etc and acheiving nothing. PraguExpats just took my details and sorted everything out for me. They have made my life so much easier! I would highly recommend them before trying to navigate the Czech bureaucracy by yourself!