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We strive to provide our clients with a complete advisory and processing service throughout the complex Czech visa/residency regimen. Further and uniquely, we also understand how important our success is to our clients' lives and will clearly explain how we will take care of everything for you and eliminate all of the stress and aggravation associated with dealing with the maddening and form-intensive Czech bureaucracy.

We know the inner-workings of the Immigration Office and connected administrative bodies and can devise creative methods to execute your application and alleviate the frustration and hours of time commonly exhausted in the Czech residency process. Whatever your unique situation, we will provide you with fast, friendly, and expert immigration advice and assistance so that you can focus on your work, studies, business and travel in the Czech Republic.


Václavská 2073/20, Praha 2, 12000

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Extraordinary knowledge and skill

Reviewed by XID 27.05.2015
I must speak in the highest regard of 4Expats. My visa renewal was especially complex and the process conducted across the ocean from Canada as I could not be present at the time. Veronika of 4Expats displayed commitment of the highest order and extraordinary tenacity representing me at the foreign police offices and all other ministries related to my visa as a third-country national. A diplomatic-level trust with my confidential... read more

A Life-Saver

Reviewed by Rachel Orr 27.05.2015
Veronika is the biggest help. I had hired a different visa company, which kept dropping the ball- not answering my calls or emails for weeks, not scheduling appointments in a timely manner, leaving much of the process up to me with very little guidance. I found Veronika and all of the problems melted away. She is always willing to go above and beyond, whether it is helping you register for tax payments, showing you how to fill out an invoice,... read more

A Huge Help

Reviewed by Sean O'Hara 12.05.2015
After living here for 3 years, my visa renewal was denied and I figured that I had to leave for 3 months. As a last ditch effort, I contacted Veronika at 4Expats and she figured everything out. Within a month, she knew all the avenues to take to ensure my legal stay and helped me get a new visa. I should have been using her service from the start. Incredibly helpful and knowledgable about the system. She knows more than the actual people... read more

The Dream Team

Reviewed by Naughtyboy 24.03.2015
The team over at 4Expats are exceptional, knowledgeable and professional. They have helped me on a number of complex requirements both in a personal and business context. The fast, efficient and straight-forward approach is a most welcome relief from trying to get things done on your own. Great service, great price, great team.

I wouldn't go to anyone else!

Reviewed by Kasey Shaffer 12.03.2015
Veronika has been a godsend for me here in Prague! After having a bad experience with my previous company, I switched to Veronika and I'm so glad that I did. She helped me clean up the mess that I was left with, and proved to be extremely knowledgable and efficient. She knows all the complex rules and is always going the extra mile for her clients. I can't recommend her enough. Not only is she stellar at what she does, she is also very... read more

Would highly recommend!

Reviewed by Ovidiu.Popa 10.03.2015
Veronika is a foreigner's best friend :) She is very helpful, knows her job and does it well. Her English is perfect and she takes the time to explain every detail of what she's doing and what needs to be done. Always goes the extra mile, gives the best options and is generally a nice person. I would recommend her to any expat that needs help with someting.

Reliable, Honest and always goes extra mile

Reviewed by Sobhan Kahn 06.03.2015
Veronika at 4expats is extremely helpful and prompt in her action. You can leave your worries with the extremely helpful and reliable Veronika. She makes sure you are up to date with the latest situation and understands the complex rules in CZ Republic. I feel lucky to know Veronika and extremely grateful for all the time and help she gave at a reasonable low price. I wish her success in future endeavours. Kind Regards sobhan

Professional, reliable and thorough service

Reviewed by DonnaD 03.02.2015
Veronika at 4expats is excellent at her job. She is professional, friendly and always willing and quick to respond to emails or texts when you have a question. I needed a number of documents from practically every government office in Prague, and she was able to get them incredibly quickly, explaining in each office what exactly was needed and always resolving any problematic issues. The Czech bureaucratic maze is not easy to navigate, but... read more

Great choice

Reviewed by pavel.k1 01.02.2015
Veronika (our agent and founder of 4expats) knows how to deal with people behind the desk. Even when the bureaucracy comes up with new ways to make your life difficult, Veronika stays calm and fights for you. We were impressed by her experienced dealings and great dedication to her clients.

Professional, friendly and superior servicve

Reviewed by bktmb1 22.01.2015
Whenever things get tough I contact Veronika to the rescue, she is very capable and skilled at dealing with bureaucracy matters and people, also incredibly friendly person to work with. Highly recommended!

Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Pedro.Marques 21.01.2015
I'm very happy that I found 4expats.cz! Veronika is an excellent professional, very proactive and an extremely kind person. Due to her experience, she can anticipate every single potential obstacle in the bureaucratic processes and recommend solutions to prevent or, at least, to overcome them. Words are not enough to express my appreciation for Veronika's work and the way she does it! Highly recommended!

Super friendly and highly reliable..

Reviewed by Ganesh.Viswanathan 18.01.2015
I am a graduate from a Czech University, and I have lived in Czech Republic before, and to be honest, the visa procedure can be a little tricky right from filling an application form, getting an appointment to submit the documents till a decision is being made by the ministry. Veronika helped me a lot, by answering all my questions with a lot of patience, and translating all the letters and information from the ministry enabling me to... read more

My Favourite Helper

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 04.12.2014
I tried many services while I live in Prague and I am very happy that I eventually found Veronika. She is really great at what she is doing. She creates no stress, she doesn't forget things, her English is good. Highly recommend.

"Best Visa Service in Prague"

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 03.12.2014
I'm from California and came to prague to work . For some reason I stubbled with Veronika's company 4expats. In less then two months i finished the whole visa process. Excellent service and professional.

Excellent service

Reviewed by LadyPapa 24.11.2014
I have worked with Veronika from 4expats for a year now with various immigration-related matters: green card, visas, health insurance, jivno, various registrations one has to do in the CZ and she has been nothing short of a life saver. She really knows the ins and outs of all things related to the Czech government and their ever-changing policies and I wouldn't have been able to be here without her. She made it easy for me, hand-holding me the... read more