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We strive to provide our clients with a complete advisory and processing service throughout the complex Czech visa/residency regimen. Further and uniquely, we also understand how important our success is to our clients' lives and will clearly explain how we will take care of everything for you and eliminate all of the stress and aggravation associated with dealing with the maddening and form-intensive Czech bureaucracy.

We know the inner-workings of the Immigration Office and connected administrative bodies and can devise creative methods to execute your application and alleviate the frustration and hours of time commonly exhausted in the Czech residency process. Whatever your unique situation, we will provide you with fast, friendly, and expert immigration advice and assistance so that you can focus on your work, studies, business and travel in the Czech Republic.


Václavská 2073/20, Praha 2, 12000

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Excellent Service!!

Reviewed by Ross Grayston 12.09.2016
Before moving to the Czech Republic I looked up a company that could help my wife and I get settled. Veronika was incredibly fast to get back to us and it became immediately clear that she was very knowledgeable and up to date with all immigration law. Veronika helped us with applying for residency, trade licences and various other documents to get us off the ground in our new lives. We have been very happy with the services provided as... read more

So happy I used 4expats!!!

Reviewed by Deirdre Launt 07.09.2016
For non-detail oriented people like me, 4 expats is perfect. The process of moving to CZ and everything involved in that is confusing and daunting, but 4expats made it all...quite easy! I couldn't be happier with the service and the price is more than fair. Veronika did an excellent job of keeping everything in order, on time, and was very fast at answering every question I had. She is knowledgable and experienced in a lot of areas and I will... read more

Complete, genuine, and honest!

Reviewed by Melissa Caffrey 05.09.2016
Before coming to Czech Republic I was warned that I should be wary of visa support services for overcharging clients, but knew that my friend and I needed someone to help us during the visa application process so that we could ensure we were living and working legally in the country. I couldn't be more pleased with finding Veronika and 4expats. Not only were we able to smoothly apply for our visas, but the experience itself (and working with... read more

The best visa process experience in Prague

Reviewed by Angela Scileppi 05.09.2016
4expats went above and beyond for me and my friend who used their services as well. Veronika talked us through every step of the process and was available whenever we needed her to be. 4expats is both pleasant and professional. We received our visas promptly and without difficulty thanks to 4expats thorough work. They were recommended to us by other happy clients and I will continue to recommend them highly! Thanks 4expats!

Superb service, Amazing value

Reviewed by Bruce Hoffman 25.04.2016
Visa application processes is stressful, difficult and can end up in rejection. Having the right person on your side to guide you can turn it into a smooth, easygoing experience and increase your chances of success. Business opportunity in CR created a complex situation where my family and I had to obtain visas under a tight schedule. Looking into the visa application process on my own, I came to the conclusion that it would extremely... read more

12/10 4expats is above awesome!

Reviewed by Jan Piepelow 19.04.2016
You find yourself in Czech Rep. and planning to stay in Czech Rep. and you cant speak any word Czech. In need of your Birthnumber("Rodné Ciclo"), VISA or Temporary Residency. You want Veronica or one of her colleagues take you through it. Veronica took care of everything, she collected all papers at my Home or Workplace and I just needed to attend to one meeting at the Ministry to collect my Residence paper. And even there I had basically... read more

I highly recommend 4expats for any legal situation!

Reviewed by Nic Mans 18.04.2016
I found out about 4expats through a friend, and later colleague of mine. She said that the company has helped her out with her legal questions and status. Little did I know how wonderful 4expats would be. My experience with this company rates much higher than the given 10, and here is why. I am a South African that wanted to apply for a spousal VISA. The staff at 4expats was quick to respond to my emails with utmost professionalism. They... read more

Amazing Service

Reviewed by Mindole Clark 26.02.2016
Transitioning to life in Prague has been made so much simpler with the help of Veronica at 4expats. With her comprehensive command of the Czech bureaucracy, I have acquired my visa and trade license without any issues. She is professional, reliable, and always ready to answer any questions. I highly recommend this service!

Reliable, confident, affordable.

Reviewed by Aaron Ott 19.01.2016
Prospective Czech VISA applicant, Allow me to express my appreciation for the professionalism and dedication of Veronika Buriankova, owner of 4Expats.cz who helped me tremendously in my VISA application process. I just got back from Vienna where I was at the Czech embassy to apply for a trade license VISA. After handing in appropriate paperwork, an embassy representative called me back to conduct an interview. The interview for me was... read more

A great help for over a year

Reviewed by Amanda Thaete 08.01.2016
I arrived in Prague at the end of 2014 with an unusual visa situation that neither the Czech nor American ministries would clearly address. When I asked a few questions on the Crowdsauce FB page, 4expats volunteered the right answers immediately. I decided to go ahead and use them for all my visa requirements. Veronika has worked with me over the past year with all the ongoing paperwork and bureaucracy that tends to pop up. She is incredibly... read more

Fantastic to work with

Reviewed by Jessica Casey Traitz 06.01.2016
Vero made getting my initial visa and the starting process for my residency so stress free! I had been agonizing for months on how to go about it all on my own and I read about her services on a blog by other expats who had used her. Within an hour she had written me back with step-by-step instructions and a timeline (which was perfectly accurate) to get my 6-month visa. She has answered every late night text and email about residency... read more

Thank You!!!

Reviewed by May Day 29.11.2015
I'm so glad the first visa agency I tried to use was totally unreliable because then I found Veronika! She turned this frightening mountain of bureaucracy into a gentle hill - totally painless. She just handled it - from start to finish. Her fee is very reasonable and she was there to answer every question I had along the way. I will continue to use her services for as long as I am in Czech Republic. I really can't recommend 4expats... read more

Veronika is the best, what would we do without her??? (continued)

Reviewed by Dwight Baker 09.10.2015
I forgot to mention in my previous lengthy review that early October 2015 we were approved for our second residence permit via the Immigration Authorities in Karlovy Vary. Again, enough cannot be said for Veronika's amazing attitude, expert assistance and phenomenal knowledge of the Czech Republic Immigration system. Our heartfelt appreciation and respect goes out to you Vero continually.

Veronika is the best, what would we do without her???

Reviewed by Dwight Baker 08.10.2015
During our initial online search for Czech Republic Visas I discovered an American man, Nathan Brown of czechpoint101.com, and his family who lives in Brno, Czech Republic. He led me to a woman who had used the services of Veronika Buriánková, a visa professional who lives in Prague. She has a website associated with her business of helping expats obtain 6 month long term visas, residence permits and other types of visas/permits. I then... read more

4Expats Turned a Nightmare into a Pleasure!

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 25.08.2015
Truly. After 20 years here, the Immigration Office had finally made the visa renewal process too complex for me to do myself by adding four new requirements, and THEN it got WORSE. I contacted the highly recommended Veronika at 4Expats and immediately it was a relief. She clearly knew exactly what she was doing from the outset and had some unique solutions, and this wasn't an easy situation - local limited liability owned by a Delaware... read more