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Would you like to live legally in the Czech Republic? Well then, please let us help you. We strive to provide our clients with a complete advisory and processing service throughout the complex Czech visa/residency regimen. Further and uniquely, we also understand how important our success is to our clients' lives and will clearly explain how we will take care of everything for you and eliminate all of the stress and aggravation associated with dealing with the maddening and form-intensive Czech bureaucracy.

We know the inner-workings of the Immigration Office and connected administrative bodies and can devise creative methods to execute your application and alleviate the frustration and hours of time commonly exhausted in the Czech residency process. Whatever your unique situation, we will provide you with fast, friendly, and expert immigration advice and assistance so that you can focus on your work, studies, business and travel in the Czech Republic.

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My Go-To for ALL visa related things

posted by Leanne Woodmass
15:03:02 11/10/2017

We have been using and recommending 4 Expats for years now. The staff there are great and very understanding when we need to change, delay or question the visa process. The know the process very well and can help with any number of different visa situations and questions. Terka, who is working us at the moment is very patient with our questions and always finds the time to meet us and explain everything in detail. We'd still be going around in circles if it weren't for these guys. Highly Recommended!

Excellent service!

posted by Talita Gouveia
16:04:14 28/09/2017

Veronika assisted me twice with Visa processes and was incredibly helpful! She walked me through all the process, helped me sort out all the paperwork, replied very quickly and was very thoughtful and reliable, I really recommend!

Absolute life savers

posted by Pat Hitchings
13:01:22 01/08/2017

I lived in Prague for a year where I taught English. Honestly I felt like I was the worst client ever as I had such a hectic schedule, especially with the amount of travel and lack of availability I presented with trying to find a flat. Veronika and her team never missed a beat. They were all over every aspect of the Visa process and even helped me prep for my interview. Considering the number of people I met at the Embassy when I went to get my Visa who had been given misinformation by their consultants, I was only reassured that I'd made the right choice with these guys. Not only did they make the Visa process effortless, they also completely sorted me out when it came time for tax to be paid, even though I'd left the country at that stage! Could not recommend them more!

Perfect and smooth experience

posted by
08:08:48 01/03/2017

My boyfriend and I used 4expats with Veronika for the first and second round of our visas, and our trade license. The process could not have been any more clear and perfect. She has also done our Czech taxes and made the process very easy for us. Veronika is very kind, prompt, precise, and professional. Overall very helpful. Great service and incredible value. I couldn't recommend this service more!

Outstanding service! Smoothest visa process I've ever had. Highly recommended!

posted by Nicole Seelinger de Barros
11:11:40 23/02/2017

Veronika is exceptionally extraordinary! I've never seen such an amazing service at the same time that I also feel I'm being taken cared of. For me any type of bureacracy and paperwork was always a pain and this was the smoothest process I've ever had. She is fantastic!!! Her work delivers much more value than the service itself. She goes beyond and delivers all information needed, takes care of everything (even when I had to be outside Schengen for a while and not phsyically present in Czeck Republic) and I couldn't have dreamed of a better service. Extremely reliable and helpful! I highly recommend 4expats!!!