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Vet Clinic in Vinohrady, English speaking doctors available, recommended by several animal owners on this site for having very clean and professional premises and a caring approach to your pet.

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Amazing service, highly recommended

posted by Shlomi.Ulliel
16:04:22 04/02/2015

My dog Pachino is very precious to me and I was at first concerned when we moved to Prague. But in Panda veterinary clinic I'm very happy. We go there already for five years and I have never had any problem, their whole staff is very friendly and affectionate to the pets. They speak English very well, they're professional and experienced and helpful and most importantly - they smile! Not a common sight in Czech service. We were there yesterday for a check up and vaccination, my dog hates clinics in general but he loves going to Panda. So there you have it :)


posted by Javier.Gonzalez
10:10:14 09/02/2012

I took my puppy yesterday, for vaccination and to get him "chipped". The service was great, friendly, knowledgeable personnel answered all my questions and provided an excellent service. I would highly recommend this place for any pet owner.


posted by Anonymous
14:02:35 15/10/2011

We have only lived in Prague 6 months and have had to bring our cats to the clinic multiple times! One cat had renal failure (he is 11) and they saw him three days in a row, gave him IV fluids multiple hours each day, recommended a renal food and sent us home. We were terrified that we would be giving at home IV's and he would die soon after that. With their care, direction and great Renal food our cat is doing very well with no set back. It seems to me that in the U.S. Renal Failure cats are put to sleep. I'm happy to report that he is healthy and thriving on the food they continue to order for us. Another cat fell out of our flat and survived! Once again, the Vet saw us right away, took an x-ray, ruled out internal damage and sent us to a specialist just to be sure. Being so far from home is hard enough so finding a caring Vet clinic like this has been great!

panda vet

posted by arana127
18:06:19 09/10/2011

good english, friendly, and helpful - even to answer questions randomly over the phone or check little things for free, without an appointment. and not expensive at all. highly recommended.

My cat

posted by Anonymous
10:10:43 15/09/2011

Panda has been her "doctor" for years. They havce been extraordinarily conscientious about her early care -- deworming, the vaccinations, neutering -- and now, with the endless paperwork involved with flying to annoying places like the UK. Vet care when we are in the U.S. is too quick, perfunctory and horrendously costly. Panda is just heaven in comparasion.