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A fusion of the best world vegetarian quisines. This vegetarian restaurant is inspired by the spirit of Feng Shui and found in a little street at the very heart of Prague where several important energy lines converge.

Two water fountains and a panoramic fireplace complement the atmosphere of the interior created from natural materials. MAITREA-loving kindness invites you to enjoy good food, drink and relax.
Sister restaurant of Lehka Hlava/ Clear Head Restaurant, open in May 2009.

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Feng Shui vegetarian restaurant

posted by Anonymous
11:11:39 13/11/2012

Quality, inventive food at a very reasonable price. My favourites are warm spinach crepe (starter) and lasagna. We chose a table downstairs, which is lovely for an evening meal. The decor has certainly been well thought out and adds to the atmosphere. I would definitely advise booking in advance. This restaurant is a great option for vegetarians or for anyone looking for something a little different.

Czech classic - veggie style

posted by Anonymous
17:05:43 11/10/2010

It's hard to find good vegetarian food in Prague, but you'll find it here - beautiful, carefully-designed decor too. I recommend the 'Czech classic: vepro-knedlo-zelo' (pork, dumplings, sauerkraut) - veggie version. It's fantastic; you may never want to return to the meat version after trying this!

Maitrea near Old Town Square

posted by Anonymous
19:07:09 06/01/2012

I stumbled upon Maitrea quite by mistake. My girlfriend and I had been wandering around the area looking for some kind of place to have dinner. We'd actually thought about going to a steakhouse the same night, but down a different street, Maitrea seemed to be a more unique restaurant with pretty decent prices (for the area). Our first visit there was wonderful. The food was spot-on, and the service was quite good as well. I have been back a few times since, and the service is generally good. Sometimes there's a bit of a wait, but I suppose that's understandable considering how busy the restaurant often gets. The food has been almost always delicious. There have been a couple menu items that I'd not order again, though. All in all, however, I'd suggest Maitrea as a solid place to eat if you're looking for quality vegetarian food in the Old Town area. If you're willing to cast a little bit wider of a net, though, I'd encourage a stop in at Radost FX near I.P. Pavlova as well.


posted by coco
16:04:33 25/01/2011

I'll agree with the other posters that the service is definitely a little on the spotty side. they definitely never have enough staff on upstairs and they have got my order wrong on more than one occasion. The food, however, is great. Reasonably priced. The wine isn't bad either. I eat here on a weekly basis and am prepared to but up with the occasional lack of service for the standard of the food, but I can see that for others it's a no brainer.

The worst staff service in a restaurant

posted by Ileana
18:06:13 20/03/2013

The place is very nice decorated. We like the food very much but the staff service, has been one of the worst ones we have experienced here in Prague.