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Country Life Health Food Wholesale was founded in 1991, at a time when there was no other health food wholesale structure in the country. It is now well known throughout the Czech Republic and supplies many stores, restaurants, and food manufacturers. It also has been successful in entering the large food chain stores, offering over 600 health food items25% of which are organic.

Almost every week, a section of the restaurant is reserved for cooking schools and health lectures. Clientele in the store can number as many as 1000 per day.

Country Life Farm: Certified organic rye, spelt, oats, barley, and buckwheat are grown, as well as fruit to be sold in the health food stores and restaurants.

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Pass the salt!

posted by Anonymous
14:02:54 04/05/2005

There are two "Country Life" restaurants in Prague, but I will review the main one on Melantrichova, because the other one is more of a snack stand, and doesn't have the same earthy ambience. First, let me start by saying I genuinely enjoy health food. Seitan, bulgur, goat cheese, carrot juice: bring it on! But to make healthy foods and vegetarian foods tasty and interesting, you need to play with spices. I love Country Life, but the food really is a bit too bland. It would seem they start each day with a bushel of fresh vegetables and then pour everything into a big ď¿½health-foodenatorď¿½ and out comes two things: a lumpy, pale green type of mush and runny, orange goop with chunky bits. I say this with all respect. Iď¿½ve eaten there many times and I adore the friendly, casual vibe, the fresh squeezed juices, and the unique, hand carved furniture. But the various things that are laid out day after day just really start tasting like theyď¿½ve been cooked in the same pot and somebody forget to add zest. A place like that should have a condiments bar, in my opinion, where you can help yourself to mustard, soy sauce, horseradish, lemon juice, garlic salt, wasabi, sea salt, dried onions, salsa, etc. All of these items are fairly healthy, and all of them are VERY necessary for adding some much-needed dimension to the food. There is a small container of salt at each table, and just watch the locals go nuts with it. They know! Pepper would be a welcome addition ď¿½ but nowhere to be found. I think the prices they charge (by weight) are just high enough for what youď¿½re actually getting (local vegetables in season) that the management could swing this. The way it works at Country Life is that you take a tray and plate as you begin scooting down the service line. Salad comes first, but you canď¿½t browse around to see what things might make interesting combinations. My advice: take a small portion of the soy sauce (very good) and some sprouts ď¿½ you can sprinkle these items on the mushy items you pick up down the line. Pick up a bowl of soup ď¿½ you can then put the potatoes you get a few feet further down into the soup, as well as any bits of vegetable that are dry or boring, for a chunky stew. Grab a dollop of salad dressing from the salad bar and use that as a dressing on a tofu burger from the fridge ď¿½ voila! Juice and tasty. You just have to be a little creative. And don't forget to stop in at the little store next to the restaurant - one of the few places you can get egg-free mayonnaise and rice milk.

A compromise between healthy and delicious

posted by bananafish
15:03:45 03/11/2008

Country life used to be a well-located place, offering very cheap and healthy vegan food. It still is located very well- close to both Staromestske namesti and Narodni trida, but they raised the prices several times in the last few years. It is understandable considering the rent they have to pay there... on the other hand, one would expect better tasting food for the money... The biggest asset of Country life is that they serve healthy organic food and many ingredients come from their own produce. It is self-service buffet and you basically pay depending on the weight, an average portion is about 150 Kc. The food usually tastes nice although it is rarely delicious, as it was somehow lacking passion. They make great fresh juices, nice organic tea and a good agar (I think) dessert with fruits. The sunflower seed burger is a great value for money too. P.S. The Country Life shop next door is one of the best if you are looking for organic fruits and vegetables (wide choice, great prices) - the company owns an organic farm.

bland vegetarian buffet

posted by Anonymous
15:03:12 16/07/2007

We tried this place because it was universally recommended by the Prague guides we looked at. The prices are reasonable but we didn't like most of the food we tried. It's a buffet so perhaps we just chose poorly, but it seems like we tried at least a small portion of everything there and nothing was memorably tasty. I was really excited to see green beans and broccoli but it seems like they were both boiled too long and then put in the refrigerator for awhile. There was a salad bar with a good selection but we focused on the hot dishes. The desserts also might have been good but we didn't try any this time. If you go into the organic food shop attached you will find good-tasting flavors of soy milk, which I've been missing a lot since I got here and haven't noticed in other places. I found myself agreeing with the other reviewer's criticisms and suggestions. Definitely a lack of spices in the kitchen.