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Ahoj! My name is Noa and I am a Fashion Design student who moved from Bali to Paris to Prague, hoping to continue my studies in New York in Fall 2022.

I started a blog @PragueCuddleToys on Instagram making pics of the cool dogs of Malá Strana with my old stuffed dogs Cassie the weimaraner, Spats the dachshund and Hardy the bulldog.

Prague is the # 1 Dog Capital of Europe and many people asked me where they could buy my toy dogs, so I set up an online store selling my favourite selection of cute cuddly Douglas® dogs as well as hedgehogs, llamas, narwhals, owls, sloths, unicorns and more. I've also included some fun Dreamy Dress-Ups® fanciful fabric butterfly wings for kids 3-9 years to flutter through the park. All items are available with quick delivery via Wolt!

Please send me a message if you cannot find your specific dog breed or if Wolt doesn't deliver in your area—or if you have any other questions!

Prague Cuddle Toys 💙 Wolt

Valentinská 1061/6, Praha 1, 11000

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