Tereza Henderson-Spoors British-Czech psychotherapist and counsellor

Husovo nám. 11, Loděnice, 26712

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Why you may consider therapy:
Do you find yourself in a difficult life situation? Are you bothered by anxiety or depression? Are you concerned about your relationships with your loved ones and don't know how to approach them? Do you feel burnt out at work and have no energy for your work duties? Do you have difficult relations with your work colleagues and people in general?
Psychotherapy can help you find inner resource to start addressing some of your problems. Psychotherapy can help you find your way in a seemingly dead-end situation. Psychotherapy can help your inner strength again and give you back your self-confidence.

What can I help with:
Problems in inter-personal relations.
Depression and general anxiety (panic attacks).
Psychosomatic issues (anorexia, bulimia).
Substance abuse and dependency (drugs, alcohol).
Personality issues (fobias, disorders).
Wishing to eventually decrease or come off medication (under direction of your psychiatrist).

All information is confidential I do not disclose any information (not even to family members) or data.

The way I work :
I offer Person-Centred Therapy, sometimes referred to as Rogerian therapy after its founder Carl Rogers. As the name suggests the central focus is on you as a person and not on the problem. This is kind of a holistic approach that does not treat as separate issues such as 'depression', 'anxiety', 'relationship or work difficulties', 'personal crisis', 'sexuality issues'.
In life we have many roles but we live them all in one existence, one experience as one person. If one part of us is not lived satisfactorily (does not fulfill our expectations) we may feel discord and struggle or innate dissatisfaction in a totally different part (seemingly unrelated) and wonder where does this come from. So many people are not capable of even just being, perceiving and sensing their own selves. This of course affects relating to others at home, work, leisure.
In our sessions you will be able to untangle and peel off the interconnected layers and piece together fragmented parts to get to the very innate core of your issue. This transforms you somewhat for the better and such transformation - because it is instigated by you from within - are life long and lasting. You will learn how to better understand yourself on a broad scale and this is also a life skill - you will learn how to be your own best guide and tutor in all the walks of life. This will also be reflected in how you relate to others as your relationships improve.
Such approach requires you to do some self searching in and out of therapy sessions, however, this gets triggered automatically once your process is on the way. Then you will find out you hold all the answers already, will get to know you and be the 'expert on you' and your need for therapy will cease. And that is the successful part of our work together.
This therapy works long term or short term.

My credentials:
As far as my credentials are concerned I have studied BSc Psychology and trained for MA in PCA approach to psychotherapy and counselling in the UK (Manchester University, Liverpool University) and subsequently underwent experiential training for many years and also supervision. I have also trained in Prague (with the PCA Institute). I also work with small kids and families in an elementary school as a school and community psychologist. I am long time resident of the UK and recently have relocated to Czech Republic. I hold dual nationality and can offer counselling in English and Czech (both standard of native speaker).
My office is based in Prague.
Please email : tereza.henderson.spoors@gmail.com to find out more and to book an appointment.

Tereza Henderson-Spoors British-Czech psychotherapist and counsellor

Husovo nám. 11, Loděnice, 26712

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