Simon Weissenberger

Londýnská 506/41, Praha 2, 12000

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I am a psychologist offering services in English, Italian and Spanish. I have experience with helping people with anxiety, depression, addiction issues and adjusting to life abroad. My goal is to help you reconnect to your true self and not let your problems define you. I have training in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and have counseled a wide variety of people from various cultural backgrounds. Be the best version of yourself and don't let your problems define you!

Simon Weissenberger

Londýnská 506/41, Praha 2, 12000

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Great experience

Reviewed by user 11.01.2021
I had a few sessions with Simon which helped me discover more about myself and certain life events that have shaped my life. Simon is very pleasant to talk to, he gives you the right amount of guidance and poses questions and topics that really make you think, analyze and go deep within yourself in order to find answers and realizations. He gets to know you and makes a genuine connection with you, which facilitates comfort and helps you open up!

Mind and Body Works Therapy

Reviewed by Ann R C 07.11.2020
I am writing this on behalf of my partner who told me that he alleviated certain symptoms of anxiety post a few sessions with Dr. Weissenberger. The sessions left him with calming sensations which helped him adjust to his personal difficulties in Liechtenstein.

Most useful psychotherapist

Reviewed by Petru Ce 05.09.2020
I’ve tried several therapists before Simon and, after several sessions with each, I felt that I wasn’t progressing at all. But with Simon I clicked much easier and I felt that I was listened as well as questioned in a subtle manner, from the very beginning. He also gave me very simple but effective tips to cope with my issues, which he identified pretty easily. That helped me arrive mainly by myself, but with his help, to a clearer pathway.... read more